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10/10/2013    Commissioners and Industry Stakeholders Take Advantage of Unique Networking and Information-Sharing

The IAIABC recently hosted three discussion forums at its Annual Convention to share valuable information and updates on policy, regulation, administration, and EDI.

10/2/2009    IAIABC Membership Elects New Leaders to Position the IAIABC for Success in 2010 and Beyond

After four days of educational sessions, lively committee meetings, and elegant social gatherings, the IAIABC 95th Annual Convention and Medical Institute concluded on September 24, 2009 with the IAIABC Annual Business Meeting. During the meeting, the IAIABC membership unanimously elected a distinguished group of individuals to serve as the IAIABC's 2009-2010 Executive Committee. 


8/10/2011    100 Years of Caring for Injured Workers

 The safety net that is workers' compensation has been supporting workers and employers for 100 years. 

1/12/2009    2009 All Committee Conference

The IAIABC is pleased to announce the agenda for the 2009 All Committee Conference on April 22-25, 2009 in Baltimore, Maryland.
7/15/2009    2009 Committee Recognition Awards

Do you know an exemplary chairperson or member of the IAIABC Committees, Councils, or Board of Regents? (more)
1/21/2010    2010 Medical Institute

The IAIABC is pleased to announce the draft agenda for the 2010 Medical Institute.
5/13/2010    3A/3C Coverage Policy Changes: Why Has it Happened and What Does it Mean?

A number of states have made updates to policies on 3A/3C workers' compensation coverage requirement. Massachusetts provides an overview of the policy update there and what it means.

4/1/2010    Achieving Better Outcomes and Lower Costs Through Disability Management

The IFDM 2010 program has been released. Practical insights and progressive ideas on disability management and return to work will be shared - see the program now and register early!

10/7/2010    ACOEM and IAIABC Publish Guide to High-Value Physician Services in Workers' Compensation

ACOEM and IAIABC have jointly published "The Guide to High-Value Physician Services in Workers' Compensation" as a resource to help identify the best available physicians to provide care for people who have suffered work-related injuries or illnesses.

2/9/2011    Addressing the Ongoing Challenges with Medical Fee Schedules for Workers' Compensation

With medical cost containment a major concern for the workers' compensation community, it is critical to discuss medical fee schedules and their role in the cost containment process. Participate in the IAIABC E-vent: A Jurisdictional Guide to Medical Fee Schedules to learn strategies for administering and regulating medical fee schedules.

5/9/2013    Advancing Workers' Compensation at The IAIABC Forum 2013

The Forum 2013, held April 29-May 3, provided workers' compensation stakeholders with timely and insightful discussion, much of which reflected current changes taking place in U.S. jurisdictions.

3/14/2013    Affordable Care Act Impact on Work Comp

ALJ David B. Torrey examines what effects the Affordable Care Act could have on workers' compensation in an article in the Pennsylvania Bar Association Workers' Compensation Law Section Newsletter.

12/23/2009    All Committee Conference 2010

The IAIABC is pleased to announce the draft agenda for the 2010 All Committee Conference.
1/1/1900    Alternative Dispute Resolution Training

The IAIABC is pleased to announce an Alternative Dispute Resolution Training program on March 9-12, 2009 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
4/18/2013    AMA Highlights April as eBilling Month

The American Medical Association has focused efforts in April to address eBilling in property and casualty, including workers' compensation. For the IAIABC, this highlights the importance of the IAIABC Electronic Medical Billing Model Rule.

4/26/2012    AMA Supports IAIABC Model Rule to Streamline Medical Billing for Workers' Compensation Insurance

The American Medical Association has announced its support of the IAIABC Electronic Medical Billing Model Rule as a method for states to improve efficiency and lower workers' compensation system costs.

8/10/2011    An Enduring Legacy of Cooperation

After 100 years of workers' compensation in Wisconsin, there continues to be a legacy of cooperation between labor and management in the state. 

10/9/2009    Annual Convention and Medical Institute Address Practical Issues for Comp Systems

The IAIABC Annual Convention and Medical Institute, Sept. 21-24, 2009, received many accolades for successfully addressing issues of practical and immediate importance to workers' compensation agencies and industry professionals.

9/12/2012    Appeal Filed in Prime Tanning Self-Insured Bankruptcy Case

A Notice of Appeal has been filed by the debtors in the Prime Tanning U.S. Federal Bankruptcy case.

4/8/2010    Are Fee Schedules Effective in Workers' Compensation?

Almost every administrator in the U.S. is concerned about rising costs of medical care in workers’ compensation. To combat this issue, many states have implemented fee schedules to guide provider reimbursement.

2/4/2010    ASC X12 and IAIABC Move Forward With Electronic Medical Bill Payment Standard Improvement

Electronic medical bill payment standard takes step forward with budding IAIABC and ASC X12 partnership

6/4/2010    Associate Member Forum on June 4 Cancelled

The Associate Member Forum conference call on June 4 has been CANCELLED. We apologize for any inconvenience. We look forward to speaking with you on Friday, July 9. Please contact Heather Lore at with any questions.

3/3/2010    Associate Members Forum Scheduled for Friday, March 5

IAIABC Associate Members are encouraged to participate in the Associate Members Forum to share and discuss issues and challenges impacting workers' compensation in the private sector.

4/3/2009    Australia Releases Comparative Injury Report

Addressing work-related injury and fatality incidence rates, Australia has released its "Comparative Performance Monitoring Report, 10th Edition." (more)
2/5/2009    Bankruptcy Reform Initiative Again Active

U.S. Federal Bankruptcy Reform Initiative Again Active
2/18/2010    Better Communication Vital to Improving Outcomes in Occupational Injury Cases

Stay-at-work and return-to-work program success depends largely on effective communication between claims professionals and medical practioners. Learn more at the Disability Management Colloquium.

4/5/2011    Bickmore Risk Services Hires John Duncan

Bickmore Risk Services has hired former Director of CA Department of Industrial Relations to help lead national regulatory consulting practice

10/21/2010    Building a Healthy Labor Force Through Collaboration: A Success Story from the United Kingdom

IFDM 2010 keynote speaker Dame Carol Black, National Director for Work and Health in the United Kingdom, discussed her report Working for a Healthier Tomorrow which is leading to new, innovative approaches to return to work and proactive rehabilitation of injured workers.  

6/29/2011    Call for IAIABC Executive Committee Nominations

The IAIABC is calling for nominations for its 2011-2012 Executive Committee. The Executive Committee defines policy, advocates on behalf of the membership, and oversees the financial performance of the Association.

1/1/1900    Call for IAIABC Executive Committee Nominations

The IAIABC is calling for nominations for its 2012-2013 Executive Committee, the governing board of the Association. Executive Committee members must be an administrator or senior manager at a member workers' compensation agency. Please submit interest to Jennifer Wolf Horejsh, IAIABC Executive Director, and it will be forwarded to the Nominations Committee Chair.

3/24/2011    Can Jurisdictions Do More to Support Return to Work Intiatives?

Providing more active support for return to work programs is in the best interest of workers' compensation systems, but many obstacles still exist that can curb the implementation of these programs. What can jurisdictions do to get past these obstacles?

3/10/2011    Celebrating the Centennial With a Unique Examination of the Past, Present, and Future

At the IAIABC 97th Annual Convention, August 22-25, in Madison, Wis., USA, the Workers' Compensation Centennial Commission will host a day-long program to examine the past, present, and future of workers' compensation through re-enactment, debate, and dialogue.

6/24/2008    Clarification of IAIABC Position on Development of Permanent Impairment Supplemental Guides

Clarification of IAIABC Position on Development of Permanent Impairment Supplemental Guides (more)
2/3/2011    Clarification on EDI Committee Elections

To clarify a message in the IAIABC Ennouncements on February 3, only the EDI Council will be electing a new chair and vice chair at The Forum in March 2011. EDI Committee leadership positions will be elected in 2012. We apologize for the error.

2/26/2009    CMS and Workers' Compensation Forum

The IAIABC, in collaboration with UWC-Strategic Services on Unemployment and Workers' Compensation, will host CMS and Workers' Compensation Forum on April 22, 2009 in Baltimore, Maryland.
8/24/2012    CMS Announces One-Year Delay for ICD-10 Implementation

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services released the final rule delaying ICD-10 compliance by a year. 

12/5/2013    CMS Announces Town Hall on Section 111 Reporting

On December 17, 2013, CMS will host a Town Hall teleconference to address policy and technical questions on Section 111 reporting. View the announcement.

11/7/2013    CMS Offers ICD-10 Implementation Task List

In their October 29, 2013 ICD-10 News Update, CMS offered tips on developing an ICD-10 implementation project plan.

6/1/2012    CMS Seeks Public Comment on Future Medical for Liability Insurance

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services is seeking public comment on Medicare Secondary Payer claims involving automobile and liability insurance with future medical care.
9/2/2010    CMS Task Force Plans Insightful Meeting at IAIABC Annual Convention

The CMS Task Force has planned an informative and insightful meeting on Wednesday, September 22 at the Annual Convention - learn more about the agenda here!

6/10/2010    Coalition Launches New Organization to Honor Workers' Compensation Centennial in 2011

MADISON, Wis. (June 8, 2010) -- Under the theme “Let’s Make History Again!” a new organization has been launched to celebrate the centennial of U.S. state workers’ compensation systems in 2011.

4/13/2009    Committee Operating Plan Draft

The IAIABC Executive Committee, Committee Chairs, and Committee Members have developed a draft Committee Operating Plan for IAIABC Member discussion and comment.
5/28/2009    Compensability of Pandemics

Compensability of pandemic illnesses has been an issue for workers' compensation for many years, and the recent outbreak of the H1N1 virus brings these issues to light once again. (more)
2/16/2012    Could Bankruptcy Court Change How Surety Bonds Are Used to Favor Debtor Claims?

A Debtor's Plan before the U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Maine would allow surety bonds to be used to pay the claims of the debtor rather than for claimant obligations.

3/10/2011    CWCI Publishes Study on Opioid Prescribing Patters

The CWCI study, "Prescribing Patterns for Schedule II Opioids in Calif. WC" finds that a relatively small percentage of medical providers are responsible for the majority of Schedule II opioid prescriptions in CA. Alex Swedlow, an author on the study, will speak about the study at The Forum's seminar "Ending the Inappropriate Use of Narcotics in Workers' Compensation" on March 15.

8/6/2010    Dame Carol Black Addresses Need for Collaboration to Advance Disability Management Initiatives

Dame Carol Black, National Director for Health and Work in Great Britain, is on the IFDM 2010 program to share her experiences as the director of the British government review, Working for a Healthier Tomorrow.

5/3/2012    Data Security: How is Your Organization Protecting Worker Data and Can it Do Better?

Is your agency or organization doing enough to protect sensitive worker data? The IAIABC would like help to address this issue, particularly in the wake of recent illegal data thefts in Utah. Visit the Data Security and Privacy webpage to learn more.

8/20/2009    Deadline Extended for International Forum on Disability Management 2010 Call for Papers

(August 20, 2009 -- OAKLAND, CA) The IFDM 2010 hosts are excited to announce the release of the IFDM 2010 Call for Papers and invites submissions from the health, safety and workers’ compensation communities.

9/6/2012    Decision Reached in Prime Tanning Self-Insurer Bankruptcy Case

A decision has been reached in the U.S. Federal Bankruptcy Court case against Prime Tanning.

3/4/2010    Determining the Appropriate Course of Treatment for Musculoskeletal Injuries in Work Comp

Reports on musculoskeletal injuries in workers' compensation point to the importance of understanding what's appropriate and inappropriate in treating these injuries.

8/20/2009    Disability Management and Return to Work: A Cost Reduction Tool for Workers’ Compensation?

(August 20, 2009) - As the economy continues to struggle, organizations small and large are faced with making some difficult decisions. Many employers must continually revisit their financial performance and identify ways to reduce expenses and increasingly, they are looking to disability management and return to work strategies to help accomplish this. (more)
10/12/2009    Disability Management and the Role of the Jurisdiction

Jurisdictional administrators may be asking themselves, "What role can my workers' compensation agency play in disability management?" A session at the IAIABC Annual Convention began to answer that question.

9/27/2012    Discussions of Prime Tanning Bankruptcy Continue in Newport

The self-insurance community has been closely following the bankruptcy proceedings of Prime-Hartland Tanning in Maine because of its implications on how workers’ compensation claims obligations are funded. (more)
1/1/2008    Distinguished Panel of Physicians to Evaluate the AMA Guides to the Evaluation of Permanent Impairme

Madison, WI (January 22, 2008) -- Impairment rating dramatically impacts both benefit payments and administrative costs to workers' compensation systems. (more)
3/15/2012    eBilling: A Positive Force for Improvement in Workers' Compensation

The implementation of electronic medical billing represents an opportunity to reduce costs and friction in the delivery medical care for workers' compensation.

8/21/2008    EC Nominations

Nominations Sought for IAIABC Executive Committee (more)
3/25/2008    EDI Chairs Election To Be Held at ACC 2008

The Electronic Data Interchange program will hold committee chair elections during the EDI Council meeting on Saturday, April 12 in Austin, TX. (more)
1/8/2009    EDI Claims Release 3 Training: Atlanta, GA

The IAIABC is pleased to announce a EDI Claims Release 3 Training on March 24-26, 2009 in Atlanta Georgia.
3/28/2008    EDI Claims Release 3 Training: Boston, MA

IAIABC Announces EDI Claims Release 3 Training (more)
3/18/2010    Electronic Medical Billing: Technological Advances for Efficiency

Electronic medical billing is becoming a technological force in workers' compensation, and all major stakeholders should be aware of what's happening and how it may impact system administration and business.

11/6/2008    Elizabeth Crum Toasted for Her Leadership as President of the IAIABC

Elizabeth Crum Toasted for Her Leadership as President of the IAIABC (more)
10/21/2010    Emerging Issues in Workers' Compensation Discussed at the IAIABC Annual Convention 2010

Emerging issues in workers' compensation claims and benefit costs were presented to attendees at the Annual Convention 2010 - find out more about these emerging issues to help your organization prepare and respond.

6/2/2009    Employment Opportunity: New York State Insurance Fund

The New York State Insurance Fund is Seeking a Deputy Executive Director for Information Technology (CIO)
7/8/2010    Enjoy Los Angeles During the IFDM 2010 and IAIABC Annual Convention

The IAIABC invites you to attend the IFDM 2010, September 20-22, and IAIABC Annual Convention, September 20-23, in beautiful Los Angeles, CA. Learn about things to do in the city during breaks in the conferences.

5/5/2008    Executive Committee Member Receives Well-Earned Award

Frances Huntley-Cooper, IAIABC Executive Committee member, recognized by Wisconsin Council of Safety (more)
6/28/2012    Experts Debate Impact of Workers’ Compensation Changes

A November 2010 Congressional hearing was the catalyst for continued debate by three workers’ compensation leaders. The feature article of the Spring 2012 IAIABC Journal extends the conversation between John Burton, Douglas Holmes, and Gregory Krohm on the overall impact of state workers’ compensation reforms in the last two decades. (more)
6/16/2011    Experts Debate the State of the U.S. Workers' Compensation System

Workers' compensation experts John Burton, Professor Emeritus, Rutgers University, and Gregory Krohm, Executive Director, IAIABC, will debate the current state of the U.S. workers' compensation system at the IAIABC 97th Annual Convention.

4/21/2011    Experts Discuss the History and Development of Workers’ Compensation in the United States

IAIABC to publish "Workers' Compensation Centennial Commemorative Volume: Reflections on the History and Development of Workers' Compensation in the United States" in honor of 100 years of workers' compensation in 2011.

7/24/2008    Exploring the Intersection of Medicine and Workers' Compensation Regulation at Medical Institute

Exploring the Intersection of Medicine and Workers' Compensation Regulation at IAIABC Medical Institute (more)
6/2/2009    General Motors' Bankruptcy Petition and the Impact on WC Claims Payments

(June 1, 2009 – Madison, WI) Self insurance directors had a jolting start to their work week as headlines of General Motors bankruptcy petition filled the news yesterday. (more)
10/7/2010    German Social Accident Insurance Celebrates 125 Years of Statutory Accident Insurance

As the German Social Accident Insurance celebrates 125 years of the German statutory accident insurance system this year, the IAIABC congratulates them for their progressive leadership in providing insurance for injured workers.

6/10/2010    Get Ready for a Radically Reformed OSHA Injury Reporting System

The May 5, 2010 edition of the Federal Register included a notice from the US Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) about upcoming stakeholder meetings and issued a request for public comment regarding the modernization of the OSHA Injury and Illness Data Collection Process.

2/14/2011    Gregory Krohm, IAIABC Executive Director, Recognized by LexisNexis

Gregory Krohm, IAIABC Executive Director, has been recognized as a "Workers' Compensation Notable People 2010" by LexisNexis.

1/7/2010    Healthcare Reform and its Implications for Workers' Compensation

Attend the IAIABC E-vent: Federal Healthcare Reform: What it Means for Workers' Compensation in the U.S. to learn about if and how changes to healthcare will impact your workers' compensation system.

2/16/2012    HHS Announces Intent to Delay ICD-10 Compliance Date

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services has announced its intent to postpone the ICD-10 compliance date, currently set as October 1, 2013. A new compliance date has not yet been set.

1/31/2011    IAIABC "The Forum" Program Offers In-Depth Analysis and Dialogue Opportunities

Join your peers for discussion and presentations on today's most challenging and pressing workers' compensation issues at The Forum 2011, March 14-18, in St. Louis, Missouri, USA.

4/5/2011    IAIABC "100 Reflections: Moving Workers' Compensation Forward" Begins April 6

In commemoration of 100 years of workers' compensation law in the United States, the IAIABC introduces 100 Reflections: Moving Workers' Compensation Forward. Beginning April 6, 2011, for each work day leading up to the IAIABC 97th Annual Convention, 100 reflections will be shared on the development, advancement, and relevance of workers' compensation in today's global economy. Visit to read each reflection.

10/10/2013    IAIABC 99th Annual Convention Explores Leadership in a Changing World

Professor Dan Mulhern of UC Berkeley joined the IAIABC at its 99th Annual Convention on October 2 for two lively sessions on leadership in workers’ compensation.

6/6/2013    IAIABC 99th Annual Convention to Focus on Outcomes

The IAIABC 99th Annual Convention, Sept. 30-Oct. 3 in San Diego, CA, will promote a "Focus on Outcomes," looking at strategies and reform with outcomes in mind. The program and registration and are now available!

4/29/2008    IAIABC Achieves Healthy Financial Performance in 2007

IAIABC Achieves Healthy Financial Performance in 2007 (more)
3/29/2012    IAIABC Actively Responding to Opioid Epidemic

Everyone has heard about the opioid epidemic, but there is still much to do to address it. The IAIABC is approaching it in a new way at The Forum 2012.

9/28/2011    IAIABC and ACOEM Comment to Jurisdictions About Prescription Drug Abuse in Work Comp

The IAIABC and ACOEM have sent a joint letter to all U.S. jurisdictional workers' compensation agencies about the prescription drug epidemic and ways the workers' compensation community can respond.

11/3/2011    IAIABC and ACOEM Give Insight Into Addressing Opioid Abuse in Workers' Compensation

On November 2, the IAIABC and ACOEM hosted a webinar to provide strategies and programs on how regulatory agencies can address the growing epidemic of opioid misuse and abuse in work comp cases. IAIABC and ACOEM members can download the presentations for free!

6/23/2010    IAIABC and ACOEM Join Forces to Promote Better Outcomes in Workers' Compensation

The IAIABC and ACOEM have partnered together to promote better outcomes for workers through raising awareness of workers' compensation issues that are diminishing the quality of medical care and negatively impacting employers.

4/28/2015    IAIABC and ACORD Release XML Workers' Compensation Claims Reporting Standard

The IAIABC and ACORD announce the release of XML workers' compensation claims reporting standard using the IAIABC EDI Claims Release 3.0 Standard. 

4/6/2011    IAIABC and AMA Partner Together in Support of IAIABC E-Billing Model Rule

The IAIABC and AMA have recently partnered together to promote the IAIABC Workers' Compensation Electronic Medical Billing Model Rule to workers’ compensation jurisdictions, providers, and payers throughout the U.S.

7/18/2008    IAIABC and AWCBC Collaborate to Explore Similarities and Share Solutions to Common WC Challenges

IAIABC and AWCBC Collaborate to Explore Similarities and Share Solutions to Common Workers’ Compensation Challenges (more)
12/20/2012    IAIABC and SAWCA File Amicus Curiae in Prime Tanning Bankruptcy Case

The IAIABC and SAWCA have jointly filed an amicus curiae brief in the Prime Tanning self-insured bankruptcy case.

1/19/2012    IAIABC and SIGFA Partner in 2012

The IAIABC and SIGFA is pleased to announce a formal partnership to improve sharing of information and knowledge between U.S. guaranty funds and workers' compensation regulators.

5/19/2011    IAIABC Announces Partnership With NIOSH

The IAIABC is proud to announce a formal partnership with NIOSH with the aim of working collaboratively to promote safer workplaces through information-sharing and joint projects.

7/1/2009    IAIABC Announces Release of IAIABC/WCRI Joint Report: Inventory of Workers' Compensation Laws

(July 1, 2009 - Madison, WI) The International Association of Industrial Accident Boards and Commissions, in collaboration with the Workers’ Compensation Research Institute, is delighted to announce the publication of the updated "Inventory of Workers’ Compensation Laws." (more)
11/6/2008    IAIABC Announces Release of NAIC/IAIABC Joint Working Group Report

IAIABC Announces Release of NAIC/IAIABC Joint Working Group Report: An Overview of Workers’ Compensation Independent Contractor Regulatory Approaches (more)
9/1/2011    IAIABC Announces Selection of New Executive Director Upon Greg Krohm's Retirement

With Gregory Krohm retiring as Executive Director at the end of 2011, the IAIABC Executive Committee has announced its selection for his replacement. 

4/1/2010    IAIABC Announces XML Standard for Use With Current IAIABC Standards

Through an agreement with ACORD, the IAIABC will offer the XML standard format as an alternative to the IAIABC flat file format.

5/27/2010    IAIABC Annual Convention 2010: Collaborating for Success

The IAIABC Annual Convention 2010 will highlight effective models and promote system efficiencies for workers' compensation agencies and private industry stakeholders.

8/16/2012    IAIABC Annual Convention Presents Session on Effective Medical Care Reforms

At the IAIABC 98th Annual Convention, join Ms. Barbara Wynn, RAND Corporation, and Ms. Amy Lee, Texas Division of Workers' Compensation, in a discussion of innovative and proven medical care reforms for workers' compensation.

8/22/2013    IAIABC Annual Convention to Welcome Over 43 Jurisdicions

The IAIABC 99th Annual Convention will host 43 jurisdictions (as of August 22) from around the world, offering incredible opportunities for information-sharing, networking, and discussion between jurisdictions, as well as government relations staff from the private sector.

4/3/2009    IAIABC Annual Convention: Rewriting the Rules

The IAIABC Annual Convention in September will address how many jurisdictions, organizations and the federal government are "rewriting the rules" of workers' compensation. (more)
9/11/2008    IAIABC August Newsletter

The IAIABC August Newsletter is now available.
9/1/2011    IAIABC Award Recipients Uphold a Tradition of Excellence

In a fitting conclusion to the Annual Convention, IAIABC President Alan McClain conferred awards on seven individuals and organizations who have shown incredible dedication to service to the IAIABC and the greater workers' compensation community. 

10/8/2012    IAIABC Award Recipients Uphold a Tradition of Excellence and Dedication

As part of the IAIABC 98th Annual Convention in Newport, Rhode Island, IAIABC President Mary Ahearn, President and CEO of the Maryland Workers’ Compensation Commission, recognized eight individuals who have been successfully navigating the shifting winds of workers’ compensation with their leadership, contributions, and dedication. (more)
10/10/2014    IAIABC Awards Two Educational Grants

As part of its Centennial celebration in 2014, the IAIABC has awarded educational grants to two students pursuing education in workers' compensation or a related field. 


5/23/2013    IAIABC Calling for Nominations for Executive Committee

The IAIABC Nominating Committee is calling for nominations for vacant Executive Committee positions opening at the Annual Convention in the fall.

4/27/2015    IAIABC Calls for Candidates for Board of Directors

The IAIABC is calling for candidates for its Board of Directors (formerly Executive Committee). 

5/29/2014    IAIABC Calls for Nominations for Executive Committee

The IAIABC is calling for nominations for its 2014-2015 Executive Committee. 

1/21/2014    IAIABC Celebrates 100 Years

The IAIABC is excited to celebrate 100 years in 2014!

10/9/2014    IAIABC Celebrates Centennial in Style at its Convention

The IAIABC celebrated its Centennial in style at its Convention, featuring a "surprise" guest speaker and Centennial Gala.


1/16/2014    IAIABC Centennial Kick-Off on January 22

To celebrate its 100th year, the IAIABC will host a LIVE Centennial Kick-Off event on January 22 from 1:00-1:15 pm CT. Click here to learn more!

1/1/2014    IAIABC Centennial Year Begins!

The IAIABC Centennial year has officially begun! The IAIABC started in 1914, and looks forward to spending 2014 celebrating this great achievement! Visit to learn more about the activities taking place in 2014 to mark this occasion.

5/15/2009    IAIABC Claims Release 3 Training: Destin, FL

The IAIABC is pleased to announce a EDI Claims Release 3 Training on July 20-22, 2009 in Destin, Florida.
4/21/2011    IAIABC CMS Task Force Addressing Reporting Issues

The IAIABC CMS Task Force recently sent a letter to CMS regarding four technical issues that continue to challenge workers' compensation Responsible Reporting Entities.

4/8/2010    IAIABC Committees Addressing Significant Issues of Today and Tomorrow

Join the IAIABC committees at the 2010 All Committee Conference for discussion of major issues of today and tomorrow and invaluable peer-to-peer networking.

3/30/2011    IAIABC Congratulates Christine Baker on Agency Appointment

The IAIABC congratulates Ms. Christine Baker on her recent appointment as the Chief Deputy Director of the California Department of Industrial Relations. (more)
8/8/2013    IAIABC Convenes Centennial Council to Help Celebrate 100 Years in 2014

IAIABC Convenes Centennial Council to Help Celebrate 100 Years in 2014 (more)
11/6/2008    IAIABC Council of Committee Chairs Pays Tribute to Two Exceptional Leaders

IAIABC Council of Committee Chairs Pays Tribute to Two Exceptional Leaders (more)
4/29/2011    IAIABC E-vent on Self Insurance Groups Highlighted on

The IAIABC E-vent, "Strategies to Effectively Regulate Group Self Insurance," addressed strategic and proactive regulation of groups to avoid failures and excessive system costs. The E-vent is highlighted in a news story on

2/17/2011    IAIABC EDI Licensing Program Moving Forward

IAIABC EDI licensing initially originated from a committee that was studying ways to create a broader and more equitable funding source for the growing outreach activities of the IAIABC EDI program. So far, the program has been met with positive reactions from the industry.

3/9/2015    IAIABC EDI News: March 4, 2015

EDI News: Training, Elections, and Release Updates

2/26/2009    IAIABC EDI Training for Claims Adjusters

The IAIABC is pleased to announce EDI Training for Claims Adjusters on April 21-22, 2009 in Baltimore, Maryland.
10/9/2014    IAIABC Elects 2014-2015 Executive Committee

The IAIABC elected its 2014-2015 Executive Committee, with Dwight Lovan (Kentucky) as President, as well as its first-ever representative from Germany.


10/7/2010    IAIABC Elects New Executive Committee and President for 2010-2011

On September 23, 2010, the IAIABC membership elected its 2010-2011 Executive Committee and new President, Alan McClain, CEO of the Arkansas Workers' Compensation Commission.

11/5/2008    IAIABC Elects New Executive Committee in its 94th Year

IAIABC Elects New Leaders in its 94th Year: Announcing the 2009 IAIABC Executive Committee (more)
1/8/2008    IAIABC Executive Committee Approves New EDI Funding Mechanism

The strenuous committee work of the last three years has led to a record period of activity and progress for the IAIABC EDI program. (more)
5/4/2009    IAIABC Executive Committee Calls for Hearings on H.R. 635

On January 22, 2009 United States Representative Joe Baca introduced legislation (H.R. 635) to establish a National Commission to study state workers’ compensation systems and to recommend changes and improvements. (more)
12/23/2008    IAIABC Executive Committee Sets Strategic Vision for 2009 -2010

IAIABC Executive Committee Sets Strategic Vision for 2009-2010 (more)
1/17/2013    IAIABC Executive Director Discusses Medical Marijuana for Work Comp with Risk & Insurance

IAIABC Executive Director Jennifer Wolf Horejsh spoke with Risk & Insurance about the IAIABC's efforts research the use of medical marijuana in workers' compensation cases.

3/15/2012    IAIABC Executive Director on 2012 Regulatory Changes

IAIABC Executive Director Jennifer Wolf Horejsh was interviewed by Joe Paduda for his blog Managed Care Matters about regulatory changes in 2011 and what changes we might expect in the future.

3/10/2011    IAIABC Fall 2010 Journal Published and Available Online

The IAIABC Fall 2010 Journal includes articles on when injured workers don't claim; functional capacity evaluation; duration disability guidelines; and public administration of workers' compensation. View the complete list of articles, download individual articles (members receive free access), or purchase the IAIABC Journal in its entirety here.

11/4/2010    IAIABC Forming Task Force to Prepare for ICD-9/10 Conversion

The IAIABC has announced a task force to help workers' compensation stakeholders prepare for the transition from ICD-9 to ICD-10.

5/14/2009    IAIABC Forms CMS Task Force

To address the challenges regulators will face with the new CMS reporting requirements, the IAIABC has formed a CMS Task Force of interested and engaged members. (more)
4/18/2008    IAIABC Forum Discusses the Barriers and Opportunities for Workers’ Compensation Medical Billing

IAIABC Forum Discusses the Barriers and Opportunities for Workers’ Compensation Medical Billing (more)
4/29/2008    IAIABC Hiring for Full-Time Program Assistant Position

The IAIABC has an immediate opening for a Program Assistant. This is a full-time, non-exempt position. Please see the "About Us" section of the IAIABC website for more information.
10/2/2009    IAIABC Honors Four Outstanding Committee Members

Every year, the IAIABC recognizes committee leaders and members for outstanding dedication and commitment to furthering the mission and vision of the Association. At its Annual Convention and Medical Institute Annual Banquet on September 24, 2009, four committee members and leaders were conferred awards for their efforts.

11/6/2008    IAIABC Honors Individuals at 2008 Annual Convention

Improving Workers’ Compensation Systems through Personal Commitment IAIABC Honors Individuals at 2008 Annual Convention (more)
12/23/2013    IAIABC Implementing Subscription Service for EDI Claims Release 3.0 Standard

Beginning January 1, 2014, the IAIABC will be implementing a subscription service for its EDI Claims Release 3.0 Standard.

5/14/2009    IAIABC Journal Abstract: Aging America: The Iceburg Dead Ahead

Learn more about how aging America will impact workers' compensation through an asbtract on Tom Lynch's IAIABC Spring 2009 Journal article.

11/19/2009    IAIABC Journal Abstract: Behavioral Health Concerns in Workers’ Compensation and Disability

Dr. Pamela Warren, in the article, “Behavioral Health Concerns as a Causation Issue in Workers’ Compensation and Disability Claims,” provides important insight on evaluating mental concerns, as opposed to psychosocial issues, as a genuine cause in a workers’ compensation or disability claim.

4/18/2013    IAIABC Journal Article Pre-Release: Evidence-Based Guidelines in Workers' Compensation

The IAIABC is offering a pre-release of a Spring 2013 Journal research preview article, "Evidence-Based Guidelines in Workers' Compensation: An Analysis of A Single Payer's Multi-State Claim Experience." IAIABC Members may download the article for free, and non-members may purchase the article.

3/4/2010    IAIABC Journal Article Preview: CBT for Pain Management

Michael Coupland reviews evidence of positive outcomes using cognitive behavioral therapy in the treatment of occupational injuries in his IAIABC Journal article, "CBT for Pain Management."

12/17/2009    IAIABC Journal Article Preview: Claims Liabilities and Liability Reporting

Jim Elledge and Mark Priven of Bickmore Risk Services discuss the importance of accurate knowledge in self insurer's claims liabilities in their article, "Claims Liabilities and Liability Reporting" in the IAIABC Fall 2009 Journal.

3/18/2010    IAIABC Journal Article Preview: Nanotechnology - Incurred but not Reported

Nanotechnology risks are being incurred by workers' compensation systems, but research on the impacts of these risks cannot yet be adequately quantified.

1/7/2010    IAIABC Journal Article Preview: The 60 Summits Project: A Grass Roots Initiative

Dr. Jennifer Christian discusses the foundation and work of The 60 Summits Project in her Fall 2009 Journal article, The 60 Summits Project: A Grass Roots Initiative to Prevent Needless Work Disability by Helping People Stay Employed -- in the Real World.

8/19/2010    IAIABC Journal Article Preview: Why is the IFDM Important to Your Organization?

Author of the IAIABC Spring 2010 Journal article, Why is the International Forum on Disability Management Important to Your Organization?, Robert Aurbach addresses the many benefits to exploring disability management as a major program and initiative of a workers' compensation system.

7/8/2010    IAIABC Journal Now Available Online

The IAIABC has changed the delivery format of the IAIABC Journal. The new format will be a more efficient method of providing a valuable member service.

12/3/2009    IAIABC Journal Preview: Universal Healthcare and Workers' Compensation

With healthcare reform inevitably coming to the U.S., it is important to understand what impacts these reforms will have on workers' compensation.

12/5/2014    IAIABC Launches Education Program for Work Comp Agency Professionals

The IAIABC has launched Foundations of Workers' Compensation Administration, an education program for workers' compensation agency professionals. 

12/3/2009    IAIABC Member Survey: What's Important to Our Members?

In October 2009, IAIABC members provided feedback on some of the most important topics and challenges to them as they head into 2010.

5/1/2008    IAIABC Membership Directory Available

IAIABC Membership Directory Now Available Online (more)
10/8/2012    IAIABC Membership Elects 2012-2013 Executive Committee

The International Association of Industrial Accident Boards and Commissions (IAIABC), North America’s oldest workers’ compensation association, is proud to announce its newly-elected 2012-2013 Executive Committee. (more)
10/3/2013    IAIABC Membership Elects 2013-2014 Executive Committee

The IAIABC is proud to announce its newly-elected 2013-2014 Executive Committee.

8/24/2012    IAIABC Membership Structure Changing as of January 1, 2013

The IAIABC is transitioning to a new membership structure that will create more dues equity between members. The new structure will be implemented beginning January 1, 2013, for the 2013 calendar year.

1/6/2014    IAIABC Mourns Loss of Former President Judge Robert Arrigan

The IAIABC mourns the loss of former IAIABC President Judge Robert Arrigan who passed away December 26, 2013.

8/27/2010    IAIABC Mourns the Passing of Bruno Czyrka

The IAIABC mourns the passing of Bruno Czyrka, former Deputy Director of the Michigan Workers' Compensation Agency.

8/27/2009    IAIABC Past President Dan Sumner Honored by State of Florida

IAIABC Past President Dan Sumner has been honored with the creation of the Daniel Y. Sumner Fellowship in Law and Public Policy at the Florida Department of Financial Services.

10/2/2009    IAIABC Past President Peter Federko Celebrated for Leadership and Strategic Vision

Conference delegates ended the highly educational IAIABC 95th Annual Convention and Medical Institute with celebratory toasting to Peter Federko, CEO of the Saskatchewan Workers’ Compensation Board, for his exemplary leadership as President of International Association of Industrial Accident Boards and Commissions in 2009.

10/7/2010    IAIABC President Confers Awards on Dedicated Leaders in 2010

In her last official duty as IAIABC President, Frances Huntley-Cooper, Wisconsin Division of Worker's Compensation, recognized seven individuals and organizations at the IAIABC Annual Convention for their leadership in 2010.  

11/5/2013    IAIABC Publishes 2013 Annual Report

The IAIABC has published its 2013 Annual Report. Learn about the resources and education offered in 2013, as well as the financial standing of the Association.

2/23/2015    IAIABC Publishes 2014 Annual Report

The IAIABC has published its 2014 Annual Report, with information on membership, financials, resources, and events and education during the Association's Centennial year. 

12/9/2010    IAIABC Publishes Research Article on Workers' Compensation Implications of U.S. Healthcare Reform

Do you know how healthcare reform could impact workers' compensation? Find out some of the changes you should be aware of in Greg Krohm's research brief, "Update on the Implications of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act for Workers' Compensation," published December 9, 2010.

11/19/2009    IAIABC Publishes White Paper on Section 111 Reporting Requirements and Submits to CMS

The IAIABC CMS Task Force has published, A White Paper on Section 111 CMS Reporting Peculiar to Workers' Compensation, and submitted it to CMS to respond to questions, identify issues, and propose remedies regarding new reporting requirements.  

11/16/2010    IAIABC Re-brands All Committee Conference; The Forum Scheduled for March 2011

The IAIABC announces an exciting new format and brand for the All Committee Conference. The newly developed meeting will be called "The Forum: Dialogue to Improve Workers' Compensation." The Forum 2011 is scheduled for March 14-18 in St. Louis, Missouri.

8/6/2013    IAIABC Releases Administrative Profiles of Workers’ Compensation Agencies

IAIABC Releases Administrative Profiles of Workers’ Compensation Agencies (more)
9/5/2013    IAIABC Releases Policy Guide to Assist Jurisdictions in Reducing Inappropriate Opioid Use

The inappropriate use of opioids in the treatment of work injuries has devastated the lives of many injured workers, frequently leading to extremely poor medical outcomes, including death, and contributing to rising medical costs throughout the United States. (more)
5/17/2012    IAIABC Releases White Paper on Self-Insurance Groups

The IAIABC Executive Committee is pleased to announce the release of its most recent white paper, Self-Insured Groups for Workers’ Compensation. (more)
4/3/2009    IAIABC Response to New York Times Article

The IAIABC addresses universal issues raised in the New York Times article regarding the New York State workers' compensation system. (more)
2/5/2015    IAIABC Seeking Candidates for Director, Standards Development and Outreach

The International Association of Industrial Accident Boards and Commissions (IAIABC) has an opening for a Director, Standards Development and Outreach.  This position will be responsible for providing strategic leadership and management of the IAIABC’s data reporting standards program. 

3/5/2009    IAIABC Seminar Seeks Solutions to Growing Narcotics Use in Workers' Compensation

IAIABC Seminar Seeks Solutions to Growing Narcotics Use in Workers’ Compensation Cases (more)
1/26/2009    IAIABC Seminar: Preparing for the Worst: Bankruptcies Among Self Insurers in 2009

The IAIABC is pleased to announce the agenda for the IAIABC seminar, "Preparing for the Worst: Bankruptcies Among Self Insurers in 2009," to be held in conjunction with the 2009 All Committee Conference.
11/17/2011    IAIABC Strengthening Product Protection

The IAIABC is strengthening its intellectual property management program, providing increased protection to the Association's copyrighted documents and products.

11/3/2011    IAIABC Testifying at Hearing to Review Exclusion of Work Comp From HIPAA

On November 18, the IAIABC will be testifying before the U.S. National Committee on Vital and Health Statistics regarding the mandate for HHS to study the inclusion of work comp in administration simplification requirements.

2/13/2013    IAIABC to Comprehensively Review Jurisdictional Data Reporting Needs

For more than twenty years, the IAIABC has worked with jurisdictions and stakeholders to develop electronic standards for workers’ compensation regulatory data reporting. The IAIABC’s Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) standards are used by states to collect claims, coverage, and medical information and have been implemented in 37 jurisdictions. (more)
2/19/2009    IAIABC To Host Forum on New CMS Reporting Requirements for Regulators and Payers

New Federal Reporting Requirements For Workers’ Compensation Regulators and Payers (more)
4/16/2013    IAIABC to Stream Live Social Media Session from The Forum - Limited Free Seats Available

Participate in a free, live, streaming seminar "Social Media in Workers' Compensation" on April 29, presented by the IAIABC and Limited seats are available for the streaming session so register now!

3/1/2012    IAIABC Update on Prime Tanning Bankruptcy Hearing

Read an update on the Prime Tanning bankruptcy case that could have a real impact on self-insurance regulation and the ability for states to meet claimant obligations.

10/18/2013    IAIABC Updates Tools for Jurisdictions Interested in Promoting Electronic Medical Billing

The IAIABC recently adopted revisions of the Workers’ Compensation Electronic Medical Billing Model Rule, Version 2.1 and Workers’ Compensation Electronic Billing and Payment National Companion Guide, Release 2.1.

6/20/2013    IAIABC Welcomes New Executive Committee Member

The IAIABC welcomes its newest Executive Committee member, Ms. Anne Naser, CIO of WorkSafeBC in British Columbia, Canada.

4/4/2013    IAIABC Welcomes New Executive Committee Member

The IAIABC Executive Committee is proud to welcome Matthew Carey of the Rhode Island Division of Workers' Compensation as its newest member.

12/15/2011    IAIABC Welcomes New Executive Committee Member

The IAIABC welcomes a new Executive Committee member, Pamela Cohen.

7/8/2010    IAIABC Welcomes New Executive Committee Member

The IAIABC has a new member of the Executive Committee, Christopher Godfrey, Commissioner of the Iowa Division of Workers' Compensation.

3/18/2010    IAIABC Welcomes New Executive Committee Member

Dwight Lovan, Commissioner of the Kentucky Department of Workers' Claims, has joined the IAIABC Executive Committee as an at-large member.

1/5/2012    IAIABC Welcomes New Executive Director

Effective January 1, 2012, the IAIABC welcomed Jennifer Wolf Horejsh, former IAIABC Assistant Director, as its new Executive Director.

2/18/2010    IAIABC Welcomes New Members

Seven new members have joined the IAIABC since December 2009. Welcome to the IAIABC community!

6/3/2015    IAIABC Welcomes Ron Dressler to Board of Directors

Ron Dressler, Director of the Utah Division of Industrial Accidents, has joined the IAIABC Board of Directors. 

6/25/2009    IAIABC Welcomes the Appointment of Carol Anne Duffy to the Executive Committee

(June 24, 2009 – Madison, WI) The IAIABC would like to extend a warm welcome to the Carol Anne Duffy, CEO of the Workers Compensation Board of Prince Edward Island, as an elected member of the Executive Committee. (more)
3/1/2012    IAIABC/WCRI survey, Workers' Compensation Laws as of January 2012, Now Available

Looking for comparative information on workers' compensation laws across jurisdictions? The IAIABC/WCRI survey, Workers' Compensation Laws as of January 2012, is now available!

10/20/2010    IAIABC/WCRI Workers' Compensation Laws, 3rd Edition, Released

The IAIABC/WCRI joint survey, Workers' Compensation Laws, 3rd Edition, has been published and is available for IAIABC member download.

7/1/2009    Idaho Industrial Commission Welcomes New Commissioner

The Idaho Industrial Commission has appointed a new commissioner, Thomas Baskin. Mr. Baskin fills the role of the attorney representative for the Commission.

12/17/2008    Identifying Ways to Manage the Use of Narcotics in the Treatment of Occupational Injuries

Identifying Ways to Manage the Use of Narcotics in the Treatment of Occupational Injuries (more)
12/17/2013    IFDM 2014 Call For Abstracts

The International Forum on Disability Management 2014 is calling for abstracts for its November 17-19, 2014, meeting in Melbourne, Australia.

6/5/2009    Illinois Shuts Down Employer for Non-Compliance

Illinois has shutdown its first ever company for not holding workers' compensation insurance.

8/6/2009    Independent Contractor Model Law Being Developed by NCOIL

Based on recommendations made in the NAIC/IAIABC 2008 Independent Contractor white paper, NCOIL is currently developing a model law to address the regulation of independent contractors.

4/2/2008    Independent Contractor White Paper

NAIC/IAIABC Working Group Releases White Paper on Independent Contractors for Public Comment (more)
8/17/2011    Industry Leaders Reflect on 100 Years of Workers’ Compensation

Workers’ compensation professionals will have a special opportunity to learn from industry leaders at the upcoming IAIABC Annual Convention on August 23-25, 2011, in Madison, Wisconsin. One conference highlight will be the panel discussion sponsored by the Travelers Institute, the public policy division of The Travelers Companies, Inc.

5/9/2013    Insights from Live Streaming Session on Social Media

During a live, streaming session at The Forum 2013, Bob Wilson ( shared insights on social media use and prevalence in workers' compensation from the recent social media survey.

10/6/2010    International Executives Forum Provides New Venue for Global Collaboration

The International Executives Forum, held on September 22 in conjunction with the IFDM 2010 and IAIABC Annual Convention 2010, gave executives of regulatory agencies an opportunity to dialogue on workers' compensation issues that transcend jurisdictional borders.

3/4/2010    Introduction to Medical EDI for Workers' Compensation

Workers' compensation administrative agencies nationwide have seized the advantages and benefits of technology by adopting IAIABC EDI standards to collect coverage and claim data. (more)
3/19/2009    Is a National Commission Necessary?

Is a National Commission Necessary? (more)
8/11/2011    Is Workers' Compensation Constitutional?

Workers’ compensation was a truly revolutionary concept. The novelty of workers’ compensation is this: for the first time in the U.S., businesses were compelled by law to pay a fixed schedule of compensation for certain injuries that “arose out of employment” regardless of fault. To accomplish this law change society—and the courts—had to rethink basic rights of employers and employees. (more)
1/3/2013    Issue 5 of Workers' Compensation Resources Research Report Available

In Issue 5 of John Burton’s Workers’ Compensation Resources Research Report, the feature article discusses the profitability of the workers' compensation industry as well as operating ratio and benefit levels.

7/12/2012    It's Here!

The IAIABC Workers' Compensation Electronic Billing and Payment National Companion Guide- Release 2.0. (more)
10/10/2014    Kentucky Commissioner Dwight Lovan Elected 101st President of IAIABC

Dwight Lovan, Commissioner of the Kentucky Dept. of Workers' Claims, elected as 101st President of the IAIABC at Centennial Convention.


8/25/2010    Kentucky Dept. of Workers' Claims Hosting EDI Stakeholders' Meeting for State-Specific Questions

The Kentucky Department of Workers' Claims is hosting a "Stakeholders' Meeting" to discuss EDI Claims Release 3 documentation and questions on Tuesday, October 5.

9/1/2011    Labor and Management Cooperation: Gone Forever?

Cooperation between labor and management on workers' compensation has been a stalwart to the system in many jurisdictions over the last 100 years. But has it been completely eroded in recent years?

10/25/2012    Legislation Coming on Compliance with Medicare Section 111 Reporting

PMSI discusses pending legislation on Medicare Section 111 Reporting for Group Health Plans - how could this affect workers' compensation?

12/16/2010    Legislative Updates Published by EK Health

EK Health has published legislative updates for 2010, documenting workers' compensation legislation enacted in the U.S. over the last year.

1/1/1900    Lively Discussion from Regulators, Physicians, and Work Comp Professionals during IAIABC Seminar on

Developing an equitable way to quantify the loss of bodily function from a permanent injury suffered at work has been a longstanding challenge for workers’ compensation public policy makers. (more)
11/7/2011    Longtime Friend of the IAIABC, Ron Harris, Passes Away

It grieves his many friends at the IAIABC to learn that Ron Harris, retired Administrative Law Judge with the Missouri DWC and an active participant in IAIABC activities over the years passed away November 2.

8/23/2011    Marking 100 Years

(August 22 - Milwaukee, Wisconsin) One hundred years ago, Wisconsin made history by enacting the first constitutionally valid worker's compensation law. Worker's comp was one of many innovative laws pioneered for the country by Wisconsin's Progressive movement.

12/13/2012    Medical Marijuana Survey Released

The IAIABC has released a survey on medical marijuana; so far, 21 jurisdictions have shared how medical marijuana is regulated for workers' compensation cases in their state.

2/21/2013    Member Directory Moved to Community Section

The IAIABC Member Directory has moved under the "Community" section on Find your fellow IAIABC members in the Directory today!

6/14/2012    Memorial- Mark Jasulevicz

The IAIABC EDI community mourns the recent loss of another long-time member. (more)
4/29/2010    Mental and Behavioral Disorders Added to List of Recognized Occupational Diseases

The International Labor Organization has published an updated amendment to the Recommendation concerning the List of Occupational Diseases and Recording and Notification of Occupational Accidents and Diseases (No. 194).

5/19/2011    Michigan Governor Disolves Workers' Compensation Compensation Appellate Commission

Michigan Governor Rick Snyder has abolished the state's Workers' Compensation Appellate Commission, transferring responsibilities to a new Compensation Appellate Commission, which will consider appeals for both workers' compensation and unemployment.

3/19/2009    Migrant Workers and Comp a Continuing Challenge

Migrant Workers and Workers' Compensation a Continuing Challenge (more)
1/13/2009    Minimizing the Impact of Self Insurer Bankruptcy in 2009

Minimizing the Impact of Self Insurer Bankruptcy in 2009 (more)
7/9/2009    Montana's New Health and Safety Initiative: WorkSafeMT

Montana employers, employees, providers and other stakeholders have taken a new approach to eliminating injury, illness and death in the workplace.

1/1/1900    Multi-Disciplinary Dialogue on Disability Management at IFDM 2010

More than 375 delegates from over 30 countries came to Los Angeles, CA, September 20-22 for the IFDM 2010 for in-depth dialogue on disability management and return to programs and how they can be utilized to reduce and minimize the impact of injury and illness.

6/25/2009    Nanotechnology: An Emerging Industrial Threat?

(May 28, 2009 – Madison, WI) The emerging industrial revolution associated with nanotechnology is fraught – quite literally – with unforeseen perils to human health, ecology, terrorism, and even privacy. (more)
5/28/2009    Nanotechnology: An Emerging Industrial Threat?

Research and assessments into the health and safety implications of nanotechnology are increasing; take a look at some of the resources available that are addressing these issues.

9/4/2014    NASI Releases Report on Workers' Comp Benefits and Costs

11/14/2008    NASI Releases Study on Worker's Compensation Coverage, Benefits, and Costs

NASI Releases Study on Worker's Compensation Coverage, Benefits, and Costs
9/10/2008    National EDI Standards Come of Age

The usage of IAIABC EDI standards for claims, medical and proof of coverage continues to grow across the United States. (more)
6/12/2012    Navigating the Shifting Winds of Workers’ Compensation at 98th Annual Convention

The IAIABC 98th Annual Convention will bring agency managers and industry experts together in Newport, Rhode Island to address current and emerging issues in workers' compentation. (more)
10/21/2010    NCCI Releases Report on Claim Frequency for Workers' Compensation

NCCI recently released a research brief on the decline of claim frequency for workers' compensation in 2009.

5/10/2010    New IAIABC Brand Promotes Connectivity and Outreach

The IAIABC's new brand is being integrated into IAIABC materials and messages, promoting connectivity and progress for workers' compensation stakeholders throughout the world.

9/8/2011    New IAIABC Executive Committee and President Elected

At its 97th Annual Convention, a new Executive Committee and President were elected for the IAIABC.

3/18/2010    New Legislation Advanced to Improve the Medicare Set-Asides Settlement Process

New legislation has been proposed in the U.S. House to improve the Medicare set-asides settlement process

9/3/2009    Night Work Shifts Show Link to Higher Rates of Breast Cancer

IARC, the French-based expert organization on carcinogens, declared shift work that interferes with carcadian rhythms as a probable human carcinogen in their report released in December 2007. Since then, Denmark as accepted workers' compensaton claims for breast cancer.

7/9/2009    Nominations for IAIABC Executive Committee Sought

(July 7, 2009 – Madison, WI) The IAIABC is soliciting nominations for its 2009 – 2010 Executive Committee. The Executive Committee defines policy, advocates on behalf of the membership, and oversees the financial performance of the Association.

12/30/2010    North American Coalition to Host Conference on Musculoskeletal Disorders and Chronic Pain

The IAIABC is pleased to support the Musculoskeletal Disorders and Chronic Pain Conference in Los Angeles, California on February 10-12, 2011.

The IAIABC joins 14 other Canadian and U.S. professional organizations in encouraging scientific research on important medical conditions in workers' compensation. (more)
3/5/2008    Northeastern States Association Announces Riveting Meeting on Workers’ Compensation Regulation and A

Northeastern States Association Announces Riveting Meeting on Workers’ Compensation Regulation and Administration (more)
1/1/1900    Notice to the IAIABC Community

The IAIABC would like to clarify that it is not affiliated with OnBase, A Hyland Software Solution, or AMS Imaging. 

2/19/2009    Obama Health Initiatives and Its Significance for Workers' Compensation

Obama Health Initiatives and Its Significance for Workers' Compensation (more)
5/20/2009    Objections to Chrysler Bankruptcy by Michigan and Ohio Workers' Compensation Agencies

Chrysler filed for bankruptcy in federal court on April 30, 2009. Shortly after, attorney generals' from Michigan and Ohio, filed objections to the bankruptcy sale on behalf of the Michigan Workers' Compensation Fund and Ohio Bureau of Workers' Compensation.
2/18/2009    Occupational Disease a Continuing Challenge

Munich Re, a large international workers' compensation reinsurer, recently published a report on the continued challenge of occupational disease compensation around the world. (more)
6/23/2008    Online Membership Application Now Available

New members can now fill out their applications electronically, saving time and paper. (more)
10/11/2012    Oregon Releases 2012 Premium Rate Ranking Summary

Oregon has releases the summary of its 2012 Workers' Compensation Premium Rate Ranking study.

4/13/2009    Partnerships for Success: An International Summit on the Benefits of Disability Management

Partnerships for Success: An International Summit on the Benefits of Disability Management for Workers, Businesses and Society (more)
10/12/2009    President's Awards Honor Eight Extraordinary Organizations and Individuals

The 2009 IAIABC President's Awards were given to eight individuals and organizations who displayed extraordinary efforts to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of workers' compensation systems throughout the world.

7/22/2010    Preview: IAIABC Research Brief on Pharmacy Fee Schedules for Workers' Compensation

Greg Krohm as written a brief on pharmaceutical fee schedules for workers' compensation and how states will get information on average wholesale price once publication of these values ceases in 2011.

2/24/2012    Prime Tanning Bankruptcy and Implications for Self-Insurance in the U.S.

The IAIABC has prepared a briefing on the Prime Tanning Bankruptcy, where the Debtors' Plan from the U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Maine has many serious implications for self-insurance in the U.S.

7/18/2012    Proof of Coverage Release 3.0 Now Available!

The IAIABC EDI Implementation Guide for Proof of Coverage, Release 3.0, was recently published on July 1, 2012 and is now available. (more)
6/20/2013    Proposal for Nonimmigrant Agricultural Worker Program

U.S. Senate Bill 744 proposes nonimmigrant agricultural worker program which may have an impact on state workers' compensation systems.

4/17/2012    Proposed Rule Changing ICD-10 Compliance Date Open for Comment

The proposed rule by the U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services is now on the Federal Register and open for public comment until May 17, 2012. Download the proposed rule and instructions for comment!

4/12/2012    Proposed U.S. Dept. of HHS Rule Would Move ICD-10 Compliance Back One Year

Under a proposed rule by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, the ICD-10 compliance date would be moved to October 1, 2014. There is a 30 day public comment period after the rule is published to the Federal Register. Click here for the news release, and click here for information on submitting comments.

6/12/2014    RAND Publishes Brief on Workers' Compensation and TRIA

RAND has published a brief on workers' compensation and TRIA, The Impact of Workers' Compensation Insurance Markets of Allowing the Terrorism Risk Insurance Act to Expire.

7/28/2011    Recent Hearing on Federal Workers' Compensation: Benefit Structure Examined

The Federal workers’ compensation system, enacted in 1906, predates any comparable state system. Today’s Federal Employees Compensation Act (FECA) is currently under scrutiny with claims that its benefit structure is too generous. (more)
6/25/2009    Regional Meetings Promote Constructive Dialogue on System Issues and Improvements

(June 25, 2009 – Madison, WI) Travel budget restrictions have dealt a blow to the further improvement of workers’ compensation administrative systems. Even before the current recession began, states had begun to severely restrict out-of-state travel for workers' compensation agency staff. (more)
1/19/2011    Register Now Link in E-vent Series Email Updated

In the IAIABC email sent on Tuesday, January 19, Learn About Effective Medical Fee Schedules in Two-Part E-vent Series, the "Register Now" link was incorrect. Registration can be found here. We apologize for the inconvenience.

1/1/1900    Regulators to Discuss Impact of AMA Guides to the Evaluation of Permanent Impairment, 6th Edition

Madison, Wis. (Dec. 18, 2007) -- Rating the severity of permanent injury has been an arbitrary and contentious process in many workers’ compensation systems. (more)
5/28/2009    Reintroduced Legislation to Resolve Issues Regarding Medicare Set-Asides and Workers’ Compensation

Responding to calls for reform, legislation has been re-introduced by Rep. Tanner (TN) to address Medicare set asides for workers' compensation. (more)
4/29/2010    Report on Comparative Performance Monitoring in Australia and New Zealand Released

The 11th edition of the Comparative Performance Modeling report for Australia and New Zealand has been released; the report gauges success of different approaches to reduce the incidence of work-related injury and disease.

12/17/2009    Report on Genetics in the Workplace Released by NIOSH

The purpose of the NIOSH report, "Gentics in the Workplace," is to bring together the diverse literature and opinions on genetics in the workplace, to highlight important issues, and to provide some considerations for current and future practice. Occupational safety and health professionals and practitioners may have particular interest in this report as the understanding of gene-environment interactions at the mechanistic and population levels may result in improved prevention and control strategies.

10/1/2013    Report on IAIABC Electronic Data Interchange Program

In early 2013, the IAIABC Executive Committee called for an external review of the IAIABC's EDI program to evaluate and identify future opportunities in data reporting.

3/10/2011    Research Brief on Indemnity Severity and Utilization Released by NCCI

An NCCI research brief, "The Relationship Between Medical Utilization and Indemnity Claim Severity," includes findings on utilization as a driver of severity, impact of changes in diagnosis, and medical treatments per claim and duration.

5/1/2014    Resource for Comparing Workers' Compensation Laws Across U.S. and Canada Now Available

An essential tool for researching and understanding the distinctions among workers’ compensation laws in all U.S. states and certain Canadian provinces is now available from the IAIABC and WCRI.

7/23/2009    Resources Help Answer Questions About Independent Contractors

The IAIABC has resources available to help you address the issue of defining and regulating independent contractors.

2/21/2013    Responding to Inappropriate Opioid Use Critical to Workers' Compensation

The IAIABC Executive Committee is very concerned about the inappropriate use of opioids in workers’ compensation and the adverse effects it can have on injured workers. The Executive Committee is extremely interested in providing resources that can help jurisdictions appropriately respond to this problem. (more)
8/15/2013    Ruling Issued in Prime Tanning Appeal

On Thursday, August 15, 2013 the U.S. Bankruptcy Appellate Panel for the First Circuit affirmed the ruling of the U.S. Federal Bankruptcy Court in Maine. The ruling denies the Debtors proposed plan of confirmation in the Prime Tanning bankruptcy case. (more)
5/27/2010    Safe Work Australia Releases Report on Occupational Disease Indicators

Safe Work Australia has released its biennial report, Occupational Disease Indicators, providing data and analysis to "inform the development of work health and safety policies."

1/20/2009    SAMPLE NEWS ITEM

this is "Headline (use as teaser text if providing full text)" (more)
5/3/2012    Self-Insured Groups White Paper Published by IAIABC; Regulatory Best Practices Addressed

The IAIABC has published a white paper on self-insured groups for workers' compensation, with substantial information on risks and benefits of groups, and best practices for regulatory administration of groups.  

12/17/2014    Senate Adjourns Without Reauthorizing TRIA

Senate fails to reauthorize TRIA before adjourning for 2014

12/1/2011    Sharon Marion, Long-Time Member and Supporter of IAIABC, Passed Away November 25

Sharon Marion, of CS Stars and a former IAIABC EDI Systems Committee Chair, lost her long-time battle with cancer on November 25, 2011.

11/17/2011    Smoke Free in the Workplace?

Are smoke-free workplaces healthier for employees? The answer is...

2/28/2013    Sneak Peak Journal Article Discusses Mesothelioma in Work Comp

In a sneak peak article from the upcoming IAIABC Journal, authors Bogyo and MacLennan, WorkSafeBC, discuss mesothelioma work comp claims, with information on average claimant ages, industry of exposure, and awareness initiatives to inform potential claimants of their rights to work comp. (more)
7/28/2011    Social Media's Growing Influence on Workers' Compensation

(St. Louis, MO) Last week, the Work Comp Analysis Group (WCAG) announced it has reached the milestone of 10,00 members. The free resource, which was founded in late 2008, is the largest online discussion group dedicated exclusively to workers' compensation issues on LinkedIn. (more)
5/3/2012    State Workers' Compensation Leaders Watching Two Federal Court Cases

Two U.S. federal court cases with implications for state workers' compensation systems were discussed at length at the IAIABC The Forum last week and are being watched closely by agency leaders.

12/9/2010    States Need to Begin Preparing for Conversion to ICD-10

On October 1, 2013, providers and payers will be required to use ICD-10-CM for diagnosis coding for HIPAA-covered transactions, and while workers' compensation is exempt from HIPAA, this will still have an impact on jurisdictions.

8/6/2009    Technology Boosting Workers' Compensation Judicial Systems

Workers' compensation judicial systems are becoming highly technologically advanced through a variety of programs and initiatives, decreasing innefficiencies and reducing system costs.

12/11/2008    The Appropriate Use of Narcotics in the Treatment of Occupational Injuries

The IAIABC is pleased to announce a seminar on February 12, 2009 to address the appropriate use of narcotics in the treatment of occupational injury.
2/18/2008    The Buzz About E-Bills: A Forum on Electronic Medical Billing in Workers' Compensation

The Buzz About E-Bills: A Forum on Electronic Medical Billing in Workers' Compensation (more)
2/17/2011    The Forum Offers Programs Addressing Some of Today's Most Costly Workers' Compensation Issues

Three special seminars at The Forum will address three major challenges in workers' compensation, all with costly implications to the system: overuse and abuse of narcotics, return to work, and group self insurance.

3/24/2011    The Impact of the Triangle Factory Fire: 100 Years Later

The Triangle Factory Fire occurred 100 years ago on March 25. The impacts of the tragedy are still seen and felt today.

5/14/2009    The Interface of Universal Healthcare and Workers' Compensation

IAIABC President Peter Federko shared the Canadian perspective on how universal healthcare integrates with workers' compensation at the NCCI Annual Issues Symposium. Learn more about his presentation... (more)
1/21/2010    The Progress of Electronic Medical Billing in Workers' Compensation

Medical billing in workers' compensation continues to be out of step with the rest of the medical reporting community. (more)
8/10/2011    The Story of Wisconsin's Workers' Compensation Law

On May 3, 1911, Wisconsin became the first state to enact a workers' compensation law. How did this come about? The IAIABC answers this question with a special dramatization of the compromise on August 24 at the Annual Convention

5/14/2009    Thoughtful Committee Discussion and Valuable Information-Sharing at the ACC 2009

The 2009 All Committee Conference offered excellent opportunities to share in discussion of important issues and challenges in workers' compensation today. (more)
7/9/2014    Time to Ignite: IAIABC Calls for Proposals

Time to Ignite: IAIABC Calls for Speaker Proposals

11/19/2009    U.S. BLS Releases Injury and Illness Summary

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics has released its 2008 Workplace Injury and Illness Summary, reporting on incidence rates and number of cases and comparing public versus private sector data.

9/27/2012    U.S. BLS Releases Occupational Fatality Report

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics has released its preliminary 2011 report on occupational fatalities.

10/21/2011    U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics Releases Report on Injury Rates

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics has released a report on workplace injury and illness rates in 2010, showing a decline in overall incidence rates over 2009.

11/5/2009    U.S. Dept. of Labor Releases Occupational Fatality Report

The U.S. Department of Labor Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries Summary, 2008, gives findings on occupational injuries for various sectors and types of incidents.

9/11/2012    U.S. Government to Cover Cancer Treatment for 9/11 Responders

NIOSH announced that the 70,000 surviving first responders following the 9/11 attacks will be entitled to cancer monitoring and treatment.

9/3/2009    U.S. Health Care Reform and its Impact on Workers' Compensation

As the U.S. discussion on health care reform continues, workers' compensation administrators and other stakeholders need to know how reforms might impact their laws and regulations.

11/18/2010    U.S. House Committee Hears Testimony on Workers' Compensation

The U.S. House of Representatives heard testimony on November 16 on developments in state workers' compensation systems.

2/5/2009    U.S. Rep. Introduces Bill for National Commission on Workers' Compensation

California Representative Joe Baca (D-Rialto) introduced Federal Bill H.R. 635 to establish a National Commission on Workers’ Compensation. The bill outlines 13 issues to be studied, including permanent disability benefits, vocational rehabilitation, administrative processes, and medical care, all to be evaluated by a 14 member commission.
3/5/2009    U.S. Senator Isakson Re-Introduces Legislation to Amend Longshore & Harbor Workers' Compensation Act

The full text of senate bill S.236 Longshore and Harbor Workers' Compensation Act Amendments of 2009 is available here.
1/22/2009    Update on EDI Medical Reporting

Update on EDI Medical Reporting: New U.S. Federal Regulations Announced
1/3/2013    Update on Prime Tanning Self-Insured Bankruptcy Case

Self-insurance for workers' compensation is being threatened by the U.S. Federal Bankruptcy of Prime Tanning in Maine. Read an update of how the IAIABC is responding.

6/5/2009    UPDATE: Court Order Approved on General Motors' Bankruptcy

Update on the status of General Motors' bankruptcy petition, including issues regarding workers' compensation benefit coverage.

7/14/2011    Updated Draft of IAIABC E-Billing Model Rule Available for Review

An updated draft of the IAIABC Workers' Compensation Electronic Medical Billing Model Rule is now available for review and comment (member login required). 

12/23/2013    Updates to IAIABC EDI Webpages

The IAIABC EDI Webpages have been moved and updated to improve functionality and ease of use.

2/5/2009    View the Complete House Bill for National Commission on Workers' Compensation

The full text of the National Commission on Workers' Compensation bill introduced by U.S. Rep Baca is available here.
2/5/2009    Virginia Workers' Compensation Commission Launching WebFile

Learn more about Virginia's implementation of EDI and Technology Alignment Program (more)
11/24/2008    Virginia Workers’ Compensation Commission Implements IAIABC Claims Release 3 EDI Standard

Virginia implements IAIABC Claims Release 3 EDI Standard and looks forward to sharing its experience with the workers' compensation community (more)
9/3/2009    Visit the New 'Get Involved' Section of IAIABC Website!

Now it is easier for IAIABC members to find out how to get involved in IAIABC activities through the new 'Get Involved' section of the IAIABC website! Develop your position, build your career, and help your organization by getting involved today!

8/22/2013    Washington State Joint Legislative Audit and Review Committee Seeks Qualified Bidders

The Washington State Joint Legislative Audit and Review Committee (JLARC) is seeking qualified bidders for a Request for Proposal for a Claims Management Evaluation of the Washington Workers' Compensation Program. 

12/2/2011    WCRI Report Indicates Return to Work More Difficult in this Economy

Employers are finding it more difficult to bring injured workers back to work on modified, light or transitional duty due to the poor economy, according to a new WCRI report.

4/2/2008    WCRI/IAIABC Joint Report

IAIABC Announces Release of IAIABC/WCRI Joint Report: Inventory of Workers’ Compensation Laws (more)
4/30/2009    Welcome New Administrators and Commissioners!

The IAIABC would like to welcome new Jurisdictional Administrators and Commissioners from Idaho, North Dakota, South Carolina and Washington!

7/23/2009    Welcome New IAIABC Members!

The IAIABC welcomes 11 new members since January 2009!

2/28/2013    What Are Physician Dispensing and Repackaging Costing Your Work Comp System?

Physician-dispensing and repackaged drugs are adding unnecessary cost to workers' compensation systems throughout the U.S. In the CWCI's February 25 research brief, "Differences in Outcomes for Injured Workers Receiving Physician-Dispensed Repackaged Drugs in the California Workers' Compensation System" the authors note that between 2002 and 2011 in California, paid medical benefits with repackaged drugs averaged 17% more than claims without.

7/14/2011    What Can Workers' Compensation Do About the Prevalence of Narcotics Abuse?

Opioid overdoses led to more deaths than heroin and cocaine combined in 2007, and the prevalence of narcotics abuse in workers' compensation cases continues to skyrocket. Why are so few organizations addressing this issue?

9/8/2011    What Direction is Workers' Comp Taking in its Next Hundred Years?

A challenging question was asked of four workers' compensation, labor, and economic experts at the IAIABC Annual Convention: what does the big picture look like for workers' compensation in the next 100 years? 

4/1/2010    What Will Federal Health Care Reform Mean for Workers’ Compensation in the U.S.?

Greg Krohm, Executive Director of the IAIABC, writes an opinion piece on how new health care legislation may affect workers' compensation in the U.S.

9/15/2011    Why Workers' Compensation Agencies Cannot Ignore ICD-10

The conversion to ICD-10 diagnosis codes is coming soon, but many workers' compensation agencies are not paying attention. The transition will affect things such as provider billing and CMS reporting - can your agency afford the consequences of not converting?

5/3/2011    Wisconsin Celebrates 100 Years of Workers' Compensation on May 3

Wisconsin became the first state in the U.S. to enact a constitutional workers' compensation law on May 3, 1911.

4/28/2011    Wisconsin's Pioneering Workers' Compensation Law Turns 100!

Wisconsin’s Pioneering Worker’s Compensation Law Turns 100! Measure Commemorated as Nation’s 1st Constitutional Worker’s Compensation Law (more)
4/29/2010    Work Comp Analysis Group Taking Off on LinkedIn

Over 4,700 workers' compensation stakeholders have joined the Work Comp Analysis Group on LinkedIn to engage in enlightening discussion and information-sharing.

12/13/2012    Work Comp Opt Out Report Released by New Street Group, Peter Rousmaniere

Peter Rousmaniere and Jack Roberts joined together to develop a comprehensive report on the increasing movement and discussion of workers' comp opt-outs in the U.S., Workers' Compensation Opt-Out: Can Privatization Work? The report is summarized by Workers' Comp Insider; read the full report here.

3/19/2009    Workers' Comp and Recessions: What to Expect and How to Prepare

Workers' Compensation and Recessions: What to Expect and How to Prepare (more)
4/29/2011    Workers' Compensation and Electronic Medical Transactions

Are any agencies in your jurisdiction considering requiring electronic medical transactions? Agencies and departments that might be pursuing comparable initiatives can save time, money, and rework by coordinating their efforts. (more)
4/7/2009    Workers' Compensation and Recessions: What to Expect and How to Prepare

The IAIABC is pleased to announce its first E-vent, "Workers' Compensation and Recession: What to Expect and How to Prepare," on April 29, 2009 from 1:00 - 2:00 pm EST.
5/13/2010    Workers' Compensation Centennial Commission Announced

MADISON, Wis. ( May 4, 2010 ) -- Two governors who led Wisconsin for a combined total of nearly 22 years will serve as honorary commissioners for a national workers’ compensation centennial organization in 2011.

10/2/2013    Workers' Compensation Excellence Recognized during IAIABC President's Award Ceremony

IAIABC President, Christine Baker, Director, California Department of Industrial Relations, bestowed awards on some of workers’ compensation most outstanding leaders during the IAIABC 99th Annual Convention.

3/31/2011    Workers' Compensation on Drugs: Ending the Inappropriate Use of Opioids

The recent publication on prescribing patterns of Schedule II opioids from the California Workers’ Compensation Institute has created a stir well beyond the workers’ compensation community.

6/7/2011    Workers' Compensation Resources Research Report Released

In May 2011, Professor John Burton released Issue Two of the Workers' Compensation Resources Research Report (WCRRR). This report examines the employers' cost of workers' compensation from 1986 - 2010.

10/10/2014    Workers’ Compensation Excellence Recognized during 2014 IAIABC President’s Awards Ceremony

During its Centennial Convention, several workers' compensation leaders were recognized during the President's Awards ceremony

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