Data Security: How is Your Organization Protecting Worker Data and Can it Do Better?

(May 3, 2012 – Madison, Wis.) – It can be nearly impossible for an organization to have sufficient protection of personally identifiable information, such as social security and federal employer identification numbers. Hackers continue to find new and inventive ways to access this information, and everyone suffers when this data is stolen and shared.

At the IAIABC The Forum last week in Seattle, there was an extensive discussion of this issue at the EDI Claims Committee meeting. Recently, the State of Utah has been the target of a two illegal data thefts, where hundreds of thousands of workers’ compensation and Medicaid beneficiaries’ social security numbers and other personally identifiable information was stolen (read more on Utah’s experience). Jurisdictional agencies, as well as private sector organizations such as carriers, are all potential targets for these activities.

This issue, though, goes well beyond electronic data reporting. The industry as a whole must come together to develop and implement strategies that ensure personally identifiable information is protected. There are a number of potential solutions out there, and the IAIABC would like to continue this discussion to find solutions that work for both the jurisdictional agencies as well as the private sector community.

The IAIABC has developed a webpage on personally identifiable information where updates, news, and discussions will be posted. Visit the Data Security and Privacy webpage.

The IAIABC will be discussing the issue on its Commissioners’ Forum call on June 13. Jurisdictional executives are encouraged to participate in the call; sign up on the Commissioners’ Forum webpage (member login required).



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