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Comparative Studies and Surveys

Agency Funding Table - members only
The IAIABC has developed an overview of workers' compensation agency funding sources, including statute information. Soon, second injury fund and other fund information will be included.
Published: January 20, 2012
Subjects: Economy, Insurance

Applicant Legal Fees members only
This IAIABC survey explores who is responsible for the payment of certain applicant legal fees and explains how applicant attorney fees are determined in different jurisdictions.
 Published: December 2013
Subjects: Adjudication, Claims, Law

Budget Cuts at Workers' Compensation Agencies - members only
A 2010 IAIABC survey examines how state workers' compensation agencies are responding to budget cuts, including how cuts impact programs, furlough days, and layoffs.
Published: 2010
Subjects: Economy, Labor

Claims Documentation and Alternative Dispute Resolution - members only
A 2009 IAIABC survey takes a look at why and when jurisdictions become involved in compensation claims. Also, jurisdictions weigh in on documentation, payment, and dispute resolution processes. 
Published: May 2009
Subjects: Dispute Resolution, Law

CMS 1500 Form Revision Survey - members only
The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) revised the CMS 1500 claim form for submitting paper medical bills in February 2012 and the National Uniform Claims Committee (NUCC) formally adopted the revised form in June 2013. Implementation of the new CMS 1500 form is scheduled to begin January 2014. This survey explores how jurisdictions will reference and use the CMS 1500 claim form in workers' compensation medical billing.
Published: August 2013
Subjects: Claims, Law, Medical

Fee Schedule Administrationmembers only
A 2014 IAIABC survey explores what fee schedules jurisdictions have in place and how these fee schedules are maintained and administered. 
Published: March, 2014
Subjects: Fee Schedules, Medical, Medicare

Handling of Requests for Claims Information Survey - members only
A 2012 IAIABC EDI specific survey examines how jurisdictions handle requests (from attorneys or claimants) for information reported electronically and in what form that information is given to the requesting party.
Published: December 2012
Subjects: Claims, EDI

ICD-10 State Conversion Survey Results (2014 Updates) - members only
ICD-10 State Conversion Survey Results (2013) - members only
This survey is a follow up survey to the one conducted by the IAIABC in June of 2011.  It was conducted in order to understand jurisdictions' plans to respond to the ICD-10 mandate. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services has mandated the use of ICD-10 diagnosis codes for all HIPAA covered entities by October 14, 2014
Published: April 12, 2013
Subjects: CMS, Fee Schedules, Treatment Guidelines

ICD-10 State Conversion Survey Results (2011) - members only
ICD-10 State Conversion Survey Report - members only
In June 2011, the IAIABC conducted a survey of states to understand where they were in the process of converting to ICD-10 diagnosis codes before the mandated conversion on October 1, 2013.
Published: September 15, 2011
Subjects: CMS, Fee Schedules, Treatment Guidelines

Insufficient Employer Security and Self-Insured Guaranty Funds - members only
A May 2009 IAIABC survey examines how jurisdictions handled special injured worker cases prior to the formation of a self-insured guaranty fund. Success, relevant statutes, and procedures are also discussed.
Published: June 2009
Subjects: Law, Insurance, Self Insurance

Jurisdictional Coverage Requirements - members only
A 2014 IAIABC survey which on jurisdictional coverage requirements, including specific requirements for employers working on construction projects. 
Published: July 2014
Subjects: Insurance, Law, Compliance

Medical Marijuana and Workers' Compensation Survey (2013) - members only
This survey of the IAIABC membership asks about regulation of medical marijuana for workers' compensation claims.
Published: April 2013
Subjects: Medical

Notification Only Claims Survey members only
This 2011 IAIABC EDI specific survey examines if jurisdictions accept Notice Only claims.  Information provided includes: follow-up report requirements, classification, times frames, and penalties for late reporting.
Published: September 2011
Subjects: Claims, EDI

Number of Adjudicators in Jurisdictions Survey (2013) members only
This survey identifies how many trial and appellate level adjudicators work within U.S. jurisdictional workers' compensation agencies. 
Published: November, 2013
Subjects: Adjudication, Law

Oregon Workers' Compensation Rate Comparison (2012) - public
This is a much referenced actuarial report on standardized insurance rates (2012) for U.S. states
regularly produced by the State of Oregon Department of Consumer and Business Services.
Published: 2010
Author(s): Jay Dotter and Mike Manley, Oregon Dept. of Consumer and Business Services
Subjects: Insurance

Oregon Workers' Compensation Rate Comparison (2010) - public
This is a much referenced actuarial report on standardized insurance rates (2010) for U.S. states
regularly produced by the State of Oregon Department of Consumer and Business Services.
Published: 2010
Author(s): Jay Dotter and Mike Manley, Oregon Dept. of Consumer and Business Services
Subjects: Insurance

Out-of-State Medical Care Survey (2013) - members only
As the workforce has gotten more mobile, injured workers are more frequently receiving medical care outside of the jurisdiction in which they are receiving benefits. This IAIABC survey explores how out-of-state medical care is handled across jurisdictions.
Published: June 2013
Subjects: Fee Schedules, Medical

Out-of-State Coverage: Temporary Workers (2014) - members only
The IAIABC Regulation Committee conducted a survey on coverage issues for workers temporarily working out-of-state.  Issues include: extraterritorial provisions, reciprocity agreements, and medical provider reimbursement.
Published: April/May 2014
Subjects: Claims, Insurance, Labor

Pharmaceutical Fee Schedules for Workers' Compensation - members only
A 2010 IAIABC survey discusses pharmaceutical fee schedule laws and current sources used to determine AWP and future changes to AWP sources.
Published: 2010
Subjects: Fee Schedules, Law

SAWCA/IAIABC Self-Insured Municipalities Survey - IAIABC and SAWCA members only
The IAIABC and the Southern Association of Workers' Compensation Administrators (SAWCA) have partnered on a survey asking jurisdictions about their rules on self-insured municipalities, including whether or not they are allowed, if they are required to post security and have excess insurance, and the application approval process.  
Published: July 2014
Subjects: Self-Insurance

Self-Insurance and Regulatory Oversight - members only
Since workers' compensation is regulated at the state-level, workers' compensation agencies, programs, policies, and procedures can vary widely across the country. This survey explores how self-insurance is regulated in different jurisdictions.
Published: July 2013
Subjects: Insurance, Law, Self-Insurance

State Index on Medical Treatment Guidelines (2015)  public
A 2015 compilation of state Medical Treatment Guidelines includes information regarding guidelines reference or in use by states, implementation dates and conditions covered. 

Published: February 2015
SubjectsMedical, Narcotics, Opioids, Treatment Guidelines
Archives: 2014 Index, 2012 Index, 2011 Index

State Index on Opioid Regulations - members only
The IAIABC has compiled a juridictional index of regulatory strategies jurisdictions have adopted to promote appropriate opioid prescribing practices in workers' compensation.
Published: September 2012
Subjects: Medical, Narcotics, Opioids, Treatment Guidelines

Statistical Report Writing Software - members only
In a 2010 IAIABC survey, jurisdictions provide information on the software utilized for statistical reports, software recommendations, and research staff.
Published: 2010
Subjects: Labor

Stop Work/Cease and Desist Orders for Employer Compliance - members only
An IAIABC survey collects data on jurisdictions' ability to issue stop work orders (SOWs) and cease and desist orders (CDOs).
Published: 2010
Subjects: Compliance, Insurance, Law

Treatment Guidelines Survey (2013) - members only
This IAIABC survey shares the experiences of jurisdictions who have implemented treatment guidelines. Some of the topics addressed in the survey include: pre-authorization, utilization review, and administrative cost. 
Published: July 2013
Subjects: Medical, Treatment Guidelines

U.S. Jurisdictional Furloughs - members only
An IAIABC 2009 survey examines agency funding and funding's effect on personnel hours and furlough staff.
Published: December 2009
Subjects: Economy, Labor

Workers' Compensation Agency Profiles (2013) - Free to IAIABC members, available for purchase by non-members
Since workers’ compensation is regulated at the state-level in the U.S., workers’ compensation agencies, policies, and procedures can vary widely across the country. This publication serves as a tool to compare how workers’ compensation agencies are organized and operated. The document also provides links to additional jurisdictional resources that may be of interest to users. In the future, the IAIABC hopes to expand this publication to include workers’ compensation agencies outside of the U.S.
Published: August 2013
Subjects: Claims, Compliance, EDI, Fee Schedules, Insurance, Law, Legislative, Self-Insurance, Treatment Guidelines

Workers' Compensation Benefits for Same-Sex Partners - members only
This is an update to a December 2011 IAIABC survey.  This survey identifies what relationship statuses are recognized in each jurisdiction for same-sex couples and how jurisdictions handle workers' compensation benefits related to relationship status.
Published: September 2013
Subjects: Law, Legislation

Workers' Compensation Laws, 5th Edition (as of January 2014) - members only
Included are tables representing workers' compensation regulations and benefit levels in effect as of January 1, 2014 in United States and Canadian jurisdictions.
Published: April 2014
Subjects: Insurance, Medical, Self-Insurance, Law
Archives: 4th Edition, 3rd Edition

Workers' Compensation Agency Website and Annual Report Links - 2012 - public
A compilation of jurisdictional agency website and annual report links
Published: February 16, 2012

IAIABC Journal

Article Database - public
The IAIABC Journal include various articles pertinent to advancing the understanding and management of the workers' compensation system administration through the availability of data, research, policy analysis, and thoughtful opinion. This searchable database includes article names, publication date, authors, and abstracts.
Published: 2003-present

Article Downloads - members only/public
Individuals articles from the IAIABC Journal are available for download in the IAIABC Store. These are available for free to members, and at a cost for the public.

Full Journal Downloads - members only/public
The full publications of the IAIABC Journal are available for download or hardcopy in the IAIABC Store. Downloads are available for free to members, and at a cost for the public. Hardcopies are available at a cost.


Opinions on the Future of Workers' Compesation: A Point-Counterpoint Discussionpublic
Journal Features (Winter 2014)
John F. Burton Jr., Professor Emeritus Rutgers and Cornell University, and Robert Wilson, President and CEO of, provide opinions on the future of workers' compensation.  Burton examines whether there should be a 21st century National Commission and Wilson makes a case for a newly themed industry of Workers' Recovery.  Both authors provide observations on each other's opinions in an engaging point-counterpoint discussion.





Disaster Preparedness Manual - Guide to Business Continuity Management - members only
This manual can assist workers' compensation administrative agencies in auditing their preparedness for minimizing the effects of catastrophic events on the continuity of agency operations and the delivery of benefits to injured workers.
Published: 2007
Author(s): Andrew Wilson, WorkSafeBC; Jeff Barschel, Saskatchewan Workers' Compensation Board; and Lydia Quarles, John C. Stennis Institute of Government at Mississippi State University
Subjects: Economy, Best Practices

Mediation and Dispute Resolution Handbook - members only
Based on the work of the Alternative Dispute Resolution/Judicial Committee, the Mediation and Dispute Resolution Handbook promotes effective and efficient methods in all areas of dispute resolution, whether performed as part of the administrative or adjudicative process.
Published: 2005
Subjects: Adjudication, Dispute Resolution

Self Insurance Regulators' Handbook - members only
This handbook is a compendium of information and tools to assist regulators in developing fair and efficient policies to regulate self-insurance. The Self Insurance Regulators' Handbooks consists of 14 chapters and 4 appendices with contact information, forms, and surveys written and reviewed by self insurance experts from the regulatory and private sectors.
Published: 2010
Subjects: Self-Insurance


1972 National Commission Report - public
Commissioned in 1972 by President Richard Nixon this is a classic critique of state-based workers' compensation systems in the U.S.
Published: 1972
Subjects: Insurance, Law, Legislation, Medical, Safety, Vocational Rehabilitation

A Brief History of Workers' Compensation - public
A competent sketch of the history of workers' compensation with an emphasis on medical issues. First published in the Iowa Orthopaedic Journal in 1999.
Published: 1999
Author(s): Gregory P. Guyton, University of North Carolina
Subjects: Medical, History, Insurance, Legislation

History of the IAIABC - public
A detailed history of the IAIABC during its first 90 years, from 1914-2004.
Published: July 21, 2004
Subjects: History, IAIABC, Proceedings, International, Leadership

Origins of Workers' Compensation - public
A well-documented and scholarly article from Professor Price Fishback of the University of Arizona. The piece contains interesting data on trends in the development of state laws.
Published: March 26, 2008
Author(s): Price V. Fishback, University of Arizona
Subjects: Law, Comparisons, Labor, Management, Trends

Overview of Modern Workers' Compensation Systems in the United States - public
A short summary of the main features of contemporary U.S. workers' compensation agencies, prepared by the IAIABC.
Published: 2008
Subjects: Insurance, Law, Self-Insurance

The Meredith Report - public
A reproduction of the famous "Meredith Report" given by The Honorable Sir William Meredith of Ontario, Canada.
Published: October 1910
Author(s): The Honorable Sir William Ralph Meredith (reproduction provided by the AWCBC)
Subjects: History, Law, Worker Rights

Workers' Compensation, Federalism, and the Heavy Hand of History - public
A scholarly paper by Christopher Howard written in 2001 which explores historical issues in detail, with good citations to other supporting works.
Published: March 19, 2001
Author(s): Christopher Howard, College of William and Mary
Subjects: History, Law, Legislation, Insurance, Disability, Safety

Model Laws and Rules

IAIABC Workers' Compensation Electronic Medical Billing Model Rule and IAIABC Workers' Compensation Electronic Billing and Payment National Companion Guide (Version 2.1)  - members only
The Electronic Medical Billing Model Rule Version 2.1 provides a legal framework for electronic billing, processing and payment for medical services and products provided to injured employees. Also included, is a summary of changes between Version 2.0 and 2.1 and the Companion Guide to be used in conjunction with the Model Rule.
Published: August 2014 (Approved by the IAIABC Executive Committee September 30, 2013, updated 2014)
Subjects: eBilling, Law, Medical

Model Agreement Between Jurisdictions to Govern Coordination of Claims and Coverage - members only
The model agreement is intended to provide guidance to states in negotiating and administering reciprocal agreements to coordinate employer insurance requirements and claims in cases where "temporary" employment occurs in one of the states that are parties to a reciprocal agreement.
Published: September 11, 2005
Subjects: Insurance, Law, Compliance

Research Briefs

Prime Tanning Bankruptcy and Implications for Self-Insurance in the United States - public
The IAIABC has prepared a briefing on the Prime Tanning Bankruptcy, where the Debtors' Plan from the U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Maine has many serious implications for self-insurance in the U.S.
Published: February 24, 2012
Author(s): Gregory Krohm, IAIABC
Subjects: Bankruptcy, Self-Insurance, Law

Early Assessment of the Impacts of Federal Health Care Reform on Workers' Compensation - members only
This brief reviews the problems health reform has to address. While shedding light on these problems, we will see how workers’ compensation might be indirectly affected.
Published: June 24, 2010
Author(s): Gregory Krohm, IAIABC
Subjects: Insurance, Medical, Medicare, Reform

Pharmacy Fee Schedules in Workers' Compensation - members only
This reserach brief is written to help inform the discussion on pharmacy fee schedules and focus states on useful measures to reform their fee schedule laws and find a suitable alternative to AWP published by FirstDatabank and MediSpan.
Published: July 22, 2010
Author(s): Gregory Krohm, IAIABC
Subjects: Fee Schedules, Cost Containment, Medical, CMS

Update on the Implications of the "Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act" for Workers' Compensation - members only
This brief updates previous material produced by the IAIABC on how the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) will likely impact workers’ compensation.
Published: December 9, 2010
Author(s): Gregory Krohm, IAIABC
Subjects: Law, Medicare, Insurance, Reform

White Papers and Policy Guides

ACOEM/IAIABC Guide to High-Value Physician Services in Workers' Compensation - public
Put together by ACOEM and the IAIABC, the Guide to High-Value Physician Services in Workers’ Compensation is a resource to help identify the best available physicians in a specific geographic area to provide care for people who have suffered work-related injuries and illnesses.
Published: 2010
Subjects: Best Practices, Medical

IAIABC White Paper: Self-Insured Groups for Workers' Compensation  - members only
This paper synthesizes the lessons that have been learned about the causes of failures, weaknesses in regulatory oversight, and how regulatory responses to SIG financial problems might be improved.
Published: April 23, 2012
Author(s): Greg Krohm, Senior Consultant, IAIABC
Subjects: Law, Self-Insurance

ICD-10 Preliminary Analysis: A Jurisdiction Primer - members only
With new ICD-10 requirements, this document outlines actions to help jurisdictions review thier regulatory framework and automated systems to ensure that workers' compensation requirements remain aligned with those followed by the healthcare industry.
Published: November 29, 2010
Subjects: Law, Medical, Fee Schedules, Treatment Guidelines

Reducing Inappropriate Opioid Use in the Treatment of Injured Workers: A Policy Guide
This publication is a guide for policymakers and administrators who are interested in implementing policy solutions to reduce inappropriate use of opioids in the workers’ compensation system. The Policy Guide discusses ten recommendations jurisdictions should consider when evaluating legislative, regulatory, or administrative policies related to opioid prescribing practices. The recommendations were informed by practices and strategies recently implemented by workers’ compensation agencies across the country and developed with the guidance and review of a diverse coalition of policymakers, agency administrators, medical practitioners, industry leaders, and other experts.
Published: September 5, 2013
Subjects: Best Practices, Medical, Narcotics, Treatment Guidelines

Other Resources

An Overview of Workers' Compensation Independent Contractor Regulatory Approaches - members only
Published: October 28, 2008
Subjects: Insurance, Law

Compensating Workers for Permanent Disability -public
An excellent resource including a summary and classification of U.S. workers' compensation systems. (U.S. Social Security Bulletin, No. 65, 2004).
Published: 2004
Author(s): Peter Barth
Subjects: Fee Schedules, Law

Compliance with 1972 National Commission's "19 Essential Recommendations" - public
This report was published by the U.S. Department of Labor that shows levels of compliance of U.S. states with the National Commissions 19 Essential Recommendations.
Published: January 2004
Subjects: Law, Legislation, Medical

The Acceptance of Mesothelioma Claims for Workers' Compensation in British Columbia, 2007-2010 - members only
This article (part of the Spring 2013 IAIABC Journal) conducts research to determine the outcome of workers' compensation claims for mesothelioma in the Canadian province of British Columbia.
Published: February 28, 2013
Authors: Terrance Bogyo and Margaret MacLennan, WorkSafeBC
Subjects: Medical

Evidence-Based Guidelines in Workers' Compensation: An Analysis of A Single Payer's Multi-State Claim Experience - members only
This article (part of the Spring 2013 IAIABC Journal) discusses the human and financial benefits of using evidence-based treatment guidelines as they promote more timely and effective medical care.
Published: April 18, 2013
Authors: Sandy Blunt (Medata) and Chris Wolfkiel, Ph.D. (ACOEM)
Subjects: Medical, Treatment Guidelines

IAIABC Member Questions - members only
One of the benefits of IAIABC membership is contacting staff with questions about workers' compensation systems. Questions range from very general to in-depth, specific inquiries. When staff doesn't have the answer, experts from the IAIABC's network of contacts are often asked for insight. As this information has proven to be valuable to a number of members, so now member questions and answers will be posted for all members to view.
Published: 2011
Subjects: Dispute Resolution, Fee Schedules, Law, Legislation, Medical

NASI Report on Workers' Compensation Coverage, Benefits and Cost 2010 - public
Annual reports on workers' compensation coverage, benefits, and costs are published by the National Academy of Social Insurance (2008 data).
Published: 2010
Subjects: Medical

Telecommuter Injuries and Compensability Under Workers' Compensation Acts - public
Judge David Torrey, Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry, presents a review of compensability of injuries sustained by telecommuters. As non-traditional work arrangements become more common, this is an issue of future concern to the workers’ compensation community.
Published: Spring 2012
Author(s): Judge David Torrey, Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry
Subjects: Insurance, Law

The Growing Importance of Vehicle Accidents to Workers’ Compensation Claims and Cost - members only
Published: January 22, 2008
Author(s): Gregory Krohm, IAIABC Executive Director
Subjects: Safety

WCRI Benchmarking Reports - public
The Workers' Compensation Research Institute (WCRI) interstate benchmarking reports include handy comparisons of indicators for benefits, claims cost, duration of claim, claim handling costs, medical cost, and other characteristics from a sample of U.S. states.
Published: Annually
Subjects: Insurance, Self-Insurance

Workers' Compensation Centennial Commemorative Volume: Reflections on the History and Development of Workers' Compensation in the United States - available for purchase from the Online Store
A collection of papers on the history and development of U.S. workers' compensation was published in 2011, the year workers' compensation celebrated its 100th anniversary.
Published: 2011

Workers' Compensation Opt-Out: Can Privatization Work? - public
This report analyzes the Texas non-subscription market and the movement towards privatization of state-based workers' compensation programs in the U.S.
Published: December 2012
Authors: Peter Rousmaniere, Primary Researcher, and Jack Roberts, Project Director
Subjects: Reform, Legislation

Workers' Compensation Performance: Comparing the U.S. and Australia - members only
Research paper by Greg Krohm comparing overall system performance betwen the U.S. and Australia. Delivered at the Australia National Workers' Compensation Summit in February 2008.
Published: February 2008
Author(s): Greg Krohm, Executive Director, IAIABC
Subjects: Insurance, Law

Other Industry Organizations and Resources

Association of Workers' Compensation Boards of Canada (AWCBC)
This site contains a wealth of information on workers' compensation in Canada including a comprehensive overview of modern workers' compensation systems in Canada, key statistical measures for all Canadian jurisdictions, information on benefits and rehabilitation, assessments and premiums, and occupational health, safety, and prevention.

Central States Association (CSA)
This association brings together representatives of the central U.S. states to discuss workers' compensation issues affecting this region.

Heads of Workers' Compensation Authorities (HWCA)
This group includes Australia's ten workers' compensation authorities and the New Zealand Accident Compensation Corporation, who together promote and implement best practice in workers compensation arrangements in this region.

National Academy of Social Insurance (NASI)
In addition to annual statistics on workers' compensation costs and benefits by state, NASI publishes many good reports on disability related issues.

National Association of Workers' Compensation Judiciary (NAWCJ)
The National Association of Workers' Compensation Judiciary, Inc. (NAWCJ) is a non-profit organization designed to provide educational opportunities exclusively for the workers' compensation judiciary at the trial or appellate level. Designed to enhance justice within the workers' compensation system, regardless of state or jurisdiction, the association is coordinated and overseen by members of the judiciary directly responsible for the adjudication of workers' compensation matters. 

National Council on Compensation Insurance (NCCI)
NCCI conducts a range of studies, mostly related to insurance industry issues. The website includes many downloads on policy issues in the U.S.

Northeastern States Association (NSA)
This association brings together representatives of the northeastern U.S. states to discuss workers' compensation issues affecting this region.

RAND Corporation
The RAND Institute for Civil Justice publishes many good studies on workers' compensation and disability, especially with respect to wage replacement, medical cost, and permanent impairment.

Rm Library
This resource includes state workers' compensation board decisions, administrative law judge opinions, and WC Amicus Curiae briefs. You must be a subscriber to access files.

Self Insurance Guaranty Funds of America (SIGFA)
This is a voluntary member association composed of eligible public and private self-insurance guaranty funds committed to improving the performance of guaranty funds in meeting their business objectives.

Southern Association of Workers' Compensation Administrators (SAWCA)
This association brings together representatives of the southern U.S. states to provide an avenue for addressing issues common to this region.

Western Association of Workers' Compensation Boards (WAWCB)
This association brings together representatives of the western U.S. states to discuss workers' compensation issues affecting this region.

Workers Compensation Research Institute (WCRI)
WCRI publishes a wide array of studies and data analysis on workers' compensation issues within the U.S.

Workers' Compensation Glossaries of Terms

Advanced Insurance Management
This resource offers
a very good explanation of key terms, with special emphasis on U.S. insurance related concepts.

NILS InSource
This is a comprehensive glossary of terms with nice cross references to related terms.

Workers' Compensation Law Firms
This is a glossary that is heavy on terms related to U.S. administrative disputes or hearings in which a lawyer may be involved.


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