EDI Standard References

Claims Standard References

Claims Release 1.0 Quick Code Reference

Claims Release 3.0 Quick Code Reference with instructions (5/22/13)

Migration between Claims Releases

IA-1 Paper Form Mapped to Claims Release 3.0

DN Locator  (2/27/13)


POC Standard References

POC Release 2.1 Quick Code Reference

POC Release 3.0 Quick Code Reference (7/1/13)

POC Historical Triplicate Codes

POC Release 3.0 Format Triplicate Reference Table

Migration Plan from POC Release 2.1 to POC Release 3.0

Trading Partner Documents
Trading partner documents, used to establish the method and frequency of sending and receiving electronic reports, including instructions, can be downloaded for completion prior to implementation.

IAIABC Electronic Partnering Agreement (08/26/2003)

IAIABC Electronic Partnering Agreement Instructions (05/20/2004)

IAIABC Electronic Partnering Claims Administrator ID List (07/20/2006)

IAIABC Electronic Partnering CA Address List (04/06/2008)

IAIABC Electronic Trading Partner Profile (07/01/2005)

IAIABC Electronic Transmission Profile (04/09/2008)

Standard Code Structures
The following are links to websites which contain the code lists for each data element listed below. Refer to the jurisdiction implementation manuals and Trading Partner Agreements to determine which of these version of the codes should be used and which are accepted in that jurisdiction.

Country Code (use 2 digit 3166-1 codes; scroll partway down the page to the Online Browsing Platform for the link to country codes)

State Code:

Industry Code

Nature of Injury Code

Cause of Injury Code

Part of Body Injured Code   (Please be sure to read the explanation to learn about the Permanent Impairment Body Part Codes.)

Employee Leasing Policy Identification, WCPOLS Codes, etc. (as noted in POC)

Managed Care Organization (MCO) Code (DN0207, used in Claims Release 3)  Please see the WCIO Workers' Compensation Data Specifications Manual for Workers' Compensation Statistical Reporting Specifications (WCSTAT); field 34 found on page 26 gives the list of codes for Managed Care Organization Type Code.

Additional Resources

Error Message Dictionary (02/22/2007)
The Error Message Dictionary is intended to assist in the selection and use of error messages adopted by the product’s Trading Partner Edit Matrix Table.

Glossary (11/5/2012)
The Glossary provides definitions of acronyms and terms used in the adopted IAIABC Implementation Guides.  These terms are not intended to define or describe Data Elements that are included in the standards.  Definitions of adopted Data Elements will be found in the product’s dictionary.

Interchange Version ID & Acknowledgment Mapping (06/26/12)
The EDI Interchange Version ID and acknowledgment mapping is a table that illustrates the Interchange Version ID for each IAIABC EDI product, the products implementation date, and the acknowledgment relationship to the product’s EDI transactions.

IAIABC Workers' Compensation Electronic Medical Billing Model Rule and Companion Guide - Approved September 30, 2013
The purpose of this Rule is to provide a legal framework for electronic billing, processing, and payment for medical services and products provided to injured employees.  The Companion Guide assists workers' compensation medical providers and payers to understand the specific requirements for workers' compensation billing and payment, as opposed to billing and payment for general health services. 

IAIABC EDI Acronyms - September 2012
A useful list of acronyms found in IAIABC EDI implementation guides and heard in EDI discussions.


IA-1 FROI 2002 (OSHA Compliant)



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