Fall 2010

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Fall, 2010 (Vol. 47, No. 2) 

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From the DEW Line
Editor's Report View Preview Download Full Article (Members Only) Click to Buy - $4

Detection of Potential Malingering Indicators Through Document Review View Preview Download Full Article (Members Only) Click to Buy - $12
- Chris Stewart Patterson

The Mixed Paths of State Provision of Workers' Compensation Insurance in the United States View Preview Download Full Article (Members Only) Click to Buy - $10
- Gregory Krohm

When Injured Workers Don't Claim View Preview Download Full Article (Members Only) Click to Buy - $14
- Peter Rousmaniere

Functional Capacity Evaluation, Part 1:  Cutting the Gordian Knot of Secondary Gain, Expert Witness Culture and Validity of Effort View Preview Download Full Article (Members Only) Click to Buy - $10
- Darrell Schapmire and James D. St. James

Advancing Inclusion:  How Our Understanding of the Dynamic Nature of Disability Is Informing Interventions That Support Employment View Preview Download Full Article (Members Only) Click to Buy - $11
- Adele Furrie and Elizabeth Cahill

Duration Disability Guidelines:  Tools for Disability Management View Preview Download Full Article (Members Only) Click to Buy - $12
- Janet D. Jamieson, Jon Seymour, and Patricia Whelan

Evidence-Based Medicine in Workers' Compensation:  The ACOEM Recommendations for Low Back Pain View Preview Download Full Article (Members Only) Click to Buy - $7
- Kathryn Mueller

Comparative Analysis of Impairment Ratings View Preview Download Full Article (Members Only) Click to Buy - $9
- Christopher R. Brigham, Craig Uejo, Aimee McEntire, Leslie Dilbeck, and W. Frederick Uehlein

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Dwight Lovan, Commissioner of the Kentucky Dept. of Workers' Claims, elected as 101st President of the IAIABC at Centennial Convention.



As part of its Centennial celebration in 2014, the IAIABC has awarded educational grants to two students pursuing education in workers' compensation or a related field. 



During its Centennial Convention, several workers' compensation leaders were recognized during the President's Awards ceremony


The IAIABC elected its 2014-2015 Executive Committee, with Dwight Lovan (Kentucky) as President, as well as its first-ever representative from Germany.



The IAIABC celebrated its Centennial in style at its Convention, featuring a "surprise" guest speaker and Centennial Gala.


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