• Challenge Your Perspective With New IAIABC Magazine

    Challenge Your Perspective With New IAIABC Magazine

    The IAIABC proudly announces the release of its new digital magazine Perspectives. Challenge your own perspectives on workers' compensation, in a contemporary, easily-digestible format.

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  • IAIABC 102nd Convention: Reimagine

    IAIABC 102nd Convention: Reimagine

    This September 26-29, hundreds of workers' compensation leaders will take on public policy, regulatory, and administrative issues impacting the industry during the IAIABC 102nd Convention. The Convention schedule and registration are open; join the IAIABC to "Reimagine" workers' compensation against the backdrop of breath-taking Portland, Maine.

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  • National Conversations on the Future of Workers' Compensation

    National Conversations on the Future of Workers' Compensation

    The time is now for the industry to discuss the future of workers’ compensation. The IAIABC is hosting "National Conversations," where workers’ compensation leaders from every sector of the industry discuss the public policy goals of workers’ compensation; what’s working and what isn’t; and what we might be able to do to improve.

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International Association of Industrial Accident Boards and Commissions

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The IAIABC is an association of workers' compensation regulators and industry professionals who work to advance the efficiency and effectiveness of workers' compensation systems throughout the world.

Online communities

IAIABC Online Communities

The online communities are here! The first online communities to go live are for reviewing and commenting on Issue Resolution Requests (IRRs). Those who are active participants in the EDI Claims, Medical/eBilling, Proof of Coverage, and Systems Committees will have access to the communities and are encouraged to take part in the discussions.

Visit the online communities at www.iaiabc.org/online-communities. More communities will be going live soon - keep watching! 


Featured Resources

IAIABC/WCRI Workers' Compensation Laws as of January 1, 2016

The biennial publication of the IAIABC and WCRI joint project is now available. Workers' Compensation Laws is an excellent resource for stakeholders to identify the similarities and differences between workers' compensation regulations in U.S. and Canadian jurisdictions.

Discussion Paper on Formularies for Workers' Compensation 

Formularies have become a popular tool to help address the inappropriate use of prescription drugs. A new IAIABC paper, A Discussion on the Use of a Formulary in Workers' Compensation, helps jurisdictions understand the impact of a formulary and provides guidance in successfully implementing a formulary. 

Return to Work: A Foundational Approach to Return to Function

Return to work plays a significant role in the health and recovery of the individual, the reduction of disability, and the improvement of productivity and security. Return to Work: A Foundational Approach to Return to Function addresses specific stakeholder groups in workers' compensation and discusses the benefits to that stakeholder group for encouraging and participating in early return to work.


  • Challenge Your Perspective With New IAIABC Magazine

    The new IAIABC digital magazine Perspectives will challenge us to think critically and differently about workers’ compensation to help improve the system for its most important stakeholders, employees and employers, and while we’re at it, expand our own minds.

  • Takeaways from First IAIABC National Conversation

    On April 20, the IAIABC hosted its first National Conversation, a discussion on the future public policy objectives of workers' compensation. Nearly 100 industry leaders participated, and perspectives were insightful and thought-provoking. Read on to learn more about what came out of the IAIABC National Conversation.

  • New XML Standard Improves Efficiency of Workers’ Compensation Proof of Coverage Reporting

    The IAIABC and ACORD are happy to announce the release of a new XML Workers’ Compensation Proof of Coverage Standard, enhancing the efficiency and improving data quality of workers’ compensation state reporting.

  • CDC Publishes Guidelines for Prescribing Opioids

    The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have developed and published the "CDC Guideline for Prescribing Opioids for Chronic Pain," providing doctors with recommendations for prescribing practices for opioids.