ISSA and IAIABC to Promote Excellence in Occupational Health, Safety and Workers' Compensation Systems Globally



A Memorandum of Understanding between the International Social Security Association (ISSA) and the International Association of Industrial Accident Boards and Commissions (IAIABC) furthers efforts to reduce the economic and social consequences of occupational injuries and illnesses. The MOU was signed in Montevideo, Uruguay during the ISSA Regional Social Security Forum for the Americas which brought together key social security policy makers from North, Central, and South America.

Occupational injuries and illnesses have a negative impact on economies, costing the U.S. more than $250 billion annually. In addition to the economic losses, work injuries have a profound impact on the lives of working people and their families around the world.

“ISSA and the IAIABC play a critical role identifying and promoting strategies that enable work accident insurance systems to cope with global challenges like the digitalization of work or the demographic change,” notes Dr. Joachim Breuer, President of the ISSA.

“Expanding our understanding of other systems and adapting solutions is key to fulfilling the IAIABC’s mission and reducing the human suffering of work related injuries and illnesses,” comments IAIABC President Matthew Carey.
While there are many differences in occupational safety, health, and workers’ compensation systems around the globe the goals and benefits to workers and businesses are the same. The MOU is an opportunity to further the promotion of both ISSA and IAIABC efforts to benefit employers, social security organizations, and societies at large by reducing the number and impact of work-related injuries, illnesses, and deaths.

Sharing resources and working together, ISSA and IAIABC members can learn from the collective knowledge and experience of social security and workers’ compensation programs in more than 150 countries. Promoting prevention, improving medical care for injured workers, and advancing administration are areas of interest to ISSA and IAIABC members.

There is also a continued focus on rehabilitation, reintegration, and return to work. These topics, including the ISSA Report, The Return on Work Reintegration, and the IAIABC Resource, Return to Work: A Foundational Approach to Return to Function, were presented during the ISSA Regional Social Security Forum for the Americas. The MOU was signed by Hans-Horst Konklowesky, Secretary-General, ISSA and Jennifer Wolf Horejsh, Executive Director, IAIABC and both organizations look forward to a productive collaboration in the coming years.

About ISSA

International Social Security Association (ISSA) is the principal international institution bringing together social security agencies, government departments and organizations with the objective to promote dynamic social security as the social dimension in a globalizing world by supporting excellence in social security administration.

About the IAIABC

The International Association of Industrial Accident Boards and Commissions is a not-for-profit association representing government agencies charged with the administration of workers’ compensation systems as well as other workers’ compensation professionals in the private sector. Its mission is to find solutions to reduce harm and aid recovery from occupational injuries and illnesses. Learn more about the IAIABC at