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The IAIABC Forum, held April 16-19 in Atlanta, Georgia, brought together over 215 attendees from workers’ compensation regulatory agencies and industry stakeholders for four days of meetings and networking. Thirty-six jurisdictions from around the world were represented, including 30 U.S. states plus Ontario, Saskatchewan, Germany, New South Wales, South Korea, and Indonesia.

“Bringing a variety of perspectives and experiences to the table broadens our understanding of workers’ compensation systems and gives us all new ideas and strategies to help improve outcomes for workers and employers alike. The IAIABC Forum embraces collaboration, and we had a very successful week of doing just that,” says Matt Carey, IAIABC President and Chief Administrator of the Rhode Island Division of Workers’ Compensation.

Committees are a central part of The IAIABC Forum. Meetings of 14 IAIABC committees took place at The Forum, each discussing different aspects of workers’ compensation regulation and administration. Committees explored topics such as treatment options for opioid addiction, hospital fee schedules, data reporting standards including EDI Claims Release 3.1, misclassification, predictive analytics, dispute resolution systems around the world, and non-standard work arrangements.

The Forum also featured special sessions on information system modernization, telehealth, and uninsured employer funds. These are issues that many jurisdictions and stakeholders are grappling with, and these sessions provided attendees with important practical insights and strategies to take back home to their organizations.

Through its conferences like The Forum, and many resources, standards, educational offerings, and opportunities for connecting with industry peers, the IAIABC strives to meet its mission to find solutions to reduce harm and aid recovery from occupational injuries and illnesses.

The next IAIABC conference is its 104th Convention, October 1-4, 2018 in Williamsburg, Virginia. The Convention focuses on workers’ compensation public policy, regulation, and legislation. Learn more at

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The International Association of Industrial Accident Boards and Commissions is a not-for-profit association representing government agencies charged with the administration of workers’ compensation systems as well as other workers’ compensation professionals in the private sector. Its mission is to find solutions to reduce harm and aid recovery from occupational injuries and illnesses. Learn more about the IAIABC at


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