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The IAIABC congratulates the recipients of NextGen 2019. These individuals under the age of 40 are having a positive impact on workers' compensation and their organizations, and the IAIABC applauds the hard work, dedication, and new ideas they are bringing to the industry. To learn more about NextGen, visit

Recipients of the 2019 IAIABC NextGen Award


NextGen Award Recipients 2019









Stephanie Arkelian, Product Manager, Healthesystems

"Stephanie is a big-picture visionary, one who can connect the dots and gain the consensus and buy-in necessary to orchestrate a large-scale project according to plan. Stephanie's dedication to quality, to customers, and patients sets her apart; and through her stewardship our organization ensures that user validation is a part of our day-to-day process, whether by interviewing adjusters and managed care program liaisons, or through objective metrics, such as examining vendor utilization data to understand claims staff behavior." - Sandy Shtab, Healthesystems

Magnum Dampier, Director of Information Systems, CompAlliance
"Magnum is a very positive influence at our company, and is always looking for ways to elevate CompAlliance to a national best practice standard, within the IT industry. Magnum personifies leadership, cooperation, vision persistence and professionalism far beyond his reach as IT Director. Magnum has brought together staff from three of our divisions into a cohesive workgroup, that is accomplishing all of their internal goals within cost and time parameters." - Linda Van Dillen, CompAlliance
Ryan Duke, EDI QA Assistant Manager, Virginia Workers’ Compensation Commission
"Ryan is always focused on building positive morale in the workplace in an effort to keep employees engaged and productive. His efforts on the Commission's EDI Outreach and Compliance Initiative have helped to make Virginia one of the most talked about jurisdictions when it comes to the success of its EDI program. His designs of the report cards was the first on its kind in the nation. The work Ryan puts in every day helps the Commission achieve our vision." - Stephanie Sweeney, Virginia Workers' Compensation Commission
Brad Morse, Program Manager, Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry
"Brad has a reputation for being forward-thinking, composed and unfazed by challenges, many of which he has had to overcome to deliver a modernized technology system to Minnesota. He has the drive and qualities needed by the workers' compensation industry entering into this next century of policy development and innovation." - Jessica Stimac, Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry
Claire Muselman, Director of Workers’ Compensation, Continental Western Group, a Berkley Company
"Claire and her team, have managed to impact the entire workers' compensation claims handling process through their interactions with their insureds, injured workers, medical providers, as well as state regulators. The compassion for others that she brings to the workers' recovery unit every single day is immeasurable. She truly believes we are all bigger than insurance playing into the greatest part of humanity. The human part. She lives and breathes this every single day!" - Shannon Goodnature, Continental Western Group, a Berkeley Company
Caitlin Smith, Business System Analyst I, New York State Workers’ Compensation Board
"Caitlin has demonstrated a commitment to improving the workers' compensation industry as demonstrated by her involvement in the Virtual Hearings project. Caitlin is actively utilizing her knowledge and experience to improve processes at the Board and I'm looking forward to her involvement in the NYS Workers' Compensation modernization project that will begin later this year." - Deena Jones, New York State Workers' Compensation Board
Marques Torbert, CEO, Ametros
"Marques is determined to make healthcare as effective and affordable as possible for injured workers. His approach is changing the status quo of what happens to an injured worker once a claim is settled. He is a gifted leader and the workers' compensation community is a better place because he saw a problem, crafted a solution, expanded on that solution and decided to enjoy us." - Paul Sighinolfi, Ametros
Derek West, Director of Business Transformation, Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation
"Derek is a talented and thoughtful public servant who has made a lasting impression on everyone he's worked with. He is a team player who always looks for ways our agency can improve the way it serves Ohio's injured workers. Derek's greatest strengths are his perspective and his focus on efficiency. He helps the people he works with see things at a different angle. He draws on his front-line experience to stay focused on the customer and front-line staff to improve efficiency." - Stephanie McCloud, Ohio Bureau of Workers' Compensation