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"Accidentally" is a monthly podcast offered by the IAIABC. "Accidentally" shares insights, ideas, and information on workers' compensation issues. These podcasts discuss industry innovations, ask compelling questions, and look forward to the future of workers' compensation. 

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Measures of Success

Measuring the success of workers' compensation policy is no easy task. Looking at the different industry stakeholder groups, Jennifer Wolf shares her thoughts on metrics that can help define success and foster stability and strength within workers' compensation.

July 2019
by Jennifer Wolf, IAIABC Executive Director


Diversity and Inclusion: Not Just Buzz Words

Diversity and inclusion are not just today's management buzz words - we all need to understand their value and work to foster more diverse and inclusive workplaces. IAIABC executive director Jennifer Wolf shares ideas and insights into how the workers' compensation industry can do better during her May 2019 "Accidentally" podcast.

May 2019
by Jennifer Wolf, IAIABC Executive Director


What Makes You a Workers' Comp Superhero?

The IAIABC is headed to San Diego, the home of Comic-Con, for our upcoming event: The IAIABC Forum presents CompCon. Inspired by superheroes, Jennifer Wolf Horejsh shares her thoughts on what superpowers the workers' compensation industry needs more of.

February 2019
by Jennifer Wolf, IAIABC Executive Director


Medical Fee Schedules

In her first "Accidentally" Podcast of 2019, Jennifer Wolf takes on medical fee schedules. What do we need to know about them? How could they be improved? What is coming in the future?

January 2019
by Jennifer Wolf, IAIABC Executive Director

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