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"Accidentally" is a monthly podcast offered by the IAIABC. "Accidentally" shares insights, ideas, and information on workers' compensation issues. These podcasts discuss industry innovations, ask compelling questions, and look forward to the future of workers' compensation. 

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Building Community

Community can be a powerful force, and the IAIABC has worked hard over 104 years to build a strong one. This community is filled not just with individuals and companies, but with colleagues, peers, and friends working together to improve workers' compensation systems. And they work hard. And it is through this hard work that they've developed bonds of friendship and camaraderie that can last a lifetime.

November 2018
by Jennifer Wolf Horejsh, IAIABC Executive Director


What's with the Marketplace?

Marketplace contractor bills made a big splash in the U.S. early in 2018. As discussion and awareness of the changing world of work grows, Hear what you should know about these bills as we head into 2019 and likely more movement on legislation pertaining to gig workers.

October 2018
by Jennifer Wolf Horejsh, IAIABC Executive Director


Disputes, Balance and Subway Maps

Workers' compensation systems need a process to resolve disputes among stakeholders. This is necessary to promote fairness and balance. However, disputes can also create barriers - specifically for injured workers. The podcast reflects on the role judicial performance measures might play in identifying dispute drivers and improving system performance. In the end, it's the role of administrators to strengthen the core to result in better system balance.

September 2018
by Jennifer Wolf Horejsh, IAIABC Executive Director


The Masks of Mental Illness

Mental illness has touched us all in some way, but we often mask the pain we and those close to us endure. Why do we so often feel we cannot be honest about it? The stigma is real, and so is the impact. Discuss the "masks" of mental illness, and what we as a society can do to de-stigmatize it.

July 2018
by Jennifer Wolf Horejsh, IAIABC Executive Director


Black Holes

How does workers’ compensation keep itself from being pulled into a black hole of isolation? Listen to opportunities for collaboration and cooperation on issues such as employer compliance, misclassification, healthcare delivery, return to work, and safety and prevention to help us look outward and into the great beyond.

June 2018
by Jennifer Wolf Horejsh, IAIABC Executive Director

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The Pain of Pain Pills

IAIABC Executive Director Jennifer Wolf Horejsh tells a personal story about how her family was confronted with pain and pain pills, and what she learned along the way that has helped clarify her view of opioids in the workers' compensation space. 

May 2018
by Jennifer Wolf Horejsh, IAIABC Executive Director


The Air is Heated Around Air Ambulances

Air ambulance services have been a topic of growing debate and legal challenges in workers' compensation. Examine the recent history of air ambulance services in workers' compensation, current court cases addressing regulatory authority, and what happens from here.

March 2018
by Jennifer Wolf Horejsh, IAIABC Executive Director


Is Universal Coverage Desirable?

Could universal coverage be the answer for workers' compensation? With injury frequency decreasing (good), premiums are decreasing as well (not good). But another thing that is happening is that with the rise in non-traditional work relationships, there will be fewer people covered by workers' compensation. So what if coverage were universal to workers, not just employees?

February 2018
by Jennifer Wolf Horejsh, IAIABC Executive Director

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