Join the IAIABC Associate Member Council

The Associate Member Council promotes the mission of the IAIABC by recommending programs and services to be provided by the IAIABC, serving as an issue identification resource to standing committees, providing input and participation in conference programs, recruiting new associate members, and building strategic alliances with other companion groups. There are 15 members of the Associate Member Council, who are elected to three year terms.

How to Apply

Please complete the Associate Member Council Membership Application to apply. 


Applications are being accepted October 30 - November 25, 2019. Applicants will receive notification of the status of their application by December 13. 


Members serve for a three-year, calendar term. Applications are being accepted for the January 1, 2020 - December 31, 2022 term.

Associate Member Council Member Responsibilities

In order to meet the Associate Member Council's goals and work plan, member expectations and responsibilities include: 

  • Participating in monthly Associate Member Council calls
  • Travel to two face-to-Associate Member Council meetings per year
  • Working with Associate Member Council leaders and members on current projects 
  • Assisting the Associate Member Council and Board of Directors leadership with IAIABC program strategic direction and governance as needed

Frequently Asked Questions

Who pays for my travel?

Associate Member Council members are responsible for paying their own travel, accommodation, and conference registration expenses required to fulfill their commitment to participate in face-to-face Associate Member Council meetings.

When are the face-to-face Associate Member Council meetings?

In-person Associate Member Council meetings are scheduled concurrently with the two IAIABC conferences: The Forum (held in spring) and Convention (held in fall).  More about these conferences can be found at

Who is eligible to be an Associate Member Council member?

Any employee of an IAIABC Associate or EDI member organization can be an Associate Member Council member. 

How is the Associate Member Council organized? 

The Associate Member Council is a body of fifteen individuals from IAIABC Associate and EDI member organizations. The Associate Member Council has a chair and vice chair who are appointed as leaders to three year terms by the IAIABC President. Associate Member Council members are appointed to a three-year term, also by the IAIABC President. The Associate Member Council reports to the IAIABC Board of Directors, and is assigned both a Board and staff liaison.

How many openings are there?

There are currently five openings on the Associate Member Council.