Connect with IAIABC Members

One of the valuable aspects of membership in the IAIABC is connecting with its vibrant community of workers' compensation leaders. 

Member Directory

IAIABC members have access to a directory of thousands of fellow members and workers' compensation professionals. 


There are twelve IAIABC committees and two councils that are actively creating resources; holding discussions; and developing standards for IAIABC members and the workers' compensation industry. Committee participation is an excellent way to stay abreast of current issues and upcoming trends in workers' compensation. 

Online Communities

Online communities provide IAIABC members with a place to ask questions, get answers, and connect. Visit to participate and get discussion updates. 

There are currently online communities for: 

  • EDI General Interest: Share and discuss EDI news, updates, questions, tips, experiences and general information about IAIABC EDI standards, with the purpose to stimulate conversation around EDI interests, issues, opportunities and other relevant information. *U.S. Jurisdictional and EDI Member Access Only
  • EDI Reporting Issues: Address the Issue Resolution Requests (IRRs) and proposed resolutions for IAIABC EDI Standards. The participants of this community review issue requests, propose resolutions and provide feedback on changes. *U.S. Jurisdictional and EDI Member Access Only
  • Proposed EDI Issue Resolutions: Provides insight to all Issue Requests and proposed resolutions for the IAIABC EDI Standards, informing the public of issue requests and proposed resolutions to ensure consensus prior to the finalization of the Issue Resolution. *Public Access 

EDI Jurisdiction-Only Calls

Agency administrators and EDI managers participate in conference calls to discuss standard reporting concerns and share insights.