EDI Claims Committee

Chair: Monica Blackwell, Mitchell Workers' Compensation Solutions

Co-Vice Chair: Tina Queen, Mitchell Workers' Compensation Solutions

Co-Vice Chair: Mary Beth Goodsell, New York State Workers' Compensation Board

The mission of the EDI Claims Committee is to design or modify the transactions and develop the common definitions and coding structures to meet business requirements. The Committee responds to business process and business definitions and any difficulties associated with implementation of these areas of the transaction standards or problems in the documentation of the business definitions or process standards. It also makes business requirements recommendations to the EDI Council for policy review and submission to the Board of Directors. The Claims Committee develops and maintains the business rules for electronic reporting of workers' compensation claim information to jurisdictions, including both First and Subsequent Reports of Injury.

Committee Member Area

Official Committee members can continue to the EDI Claims Committee: Member Area for the member directory, upcoming meeting information, and Committee materials.