EDI Systems Committee

Chair: Sherri Brown, West Virginia Offices of the Insurance Commissioner

Co-Vice Chair: Lori Raby, Michigan Workers' Compensation Agency

Co-Vice Chair: Jeremy King, Riskonnect

IAIABC Staff Liason: Gregg Lutz

The EDI Systems Committee ensures that the reporting requirements and business needs of EDI trading partners can be met with feasible technical solutions. Systems will accomplish this in part by drafting or modifying the transaction record layouts, technical processing rules, and transaction scenarios in accordance with the common definitions and coding structures designed by the EDI Claims, POC, and Medical Committees.

The EDI Systems Committee will also provide technical support to all EDI committees and subcommittees, including but not limited to the functions of new development, maintenance, training, problem resolution, and consultation, and will generate other appropriate documentation for implementation efforts. The EDI Systems Committee also makes recommendations on technical and business requirements to the EDI Claims, POC, and Medical Committees and the EDI Council for policy review and submission to the IAIABC Board of Directors. 

Committee Member Area 

Official Committee members can continue to the EDI Systems Committee: Member Area for the online community, member directory, upcoming meeting information, and Committee materials.