Events and Education Headquarters

Welcome to your headquarters for workers' compensation events and education, including the IAIABC Convention, The Forum, webinars, the Foundations of Workers' Compensation Administration Program, training, past events, and more.  

The Forum 

The Forum 2020 | April 27-30, 2020 | Clearwater, Florida

The IAIABC Forum is a conference where regulators and industry stakeholders dialogue in committee meetings and special seminars about current issues affecting workers' compensation. 

IAIABC Convention 

IAIABC 106th Convention | September 21-24, 2020 | Denver, Colorado

The IAIABC Convention is the premier conference of the Association, where workers' compensation leaders learn about and discuss major regulatory, legislative, and administrative issues impacting the industry.

IAIABC Foundations of Workers' Compensation Administration Program

The Foundations Program offers a comprehensive look at workers' compensation administrative and regulatory topics at a theoretical and practical level, examining how differences play out across systems. 

EDI Training Subscription

The IAIABC offers an annual EDI Training Subscription for its EDI training resources. Subscribers will have on-demand access to EDI training courses and can download a certificate of completion once successfully completed. Any employee of a member organization can share in the subscription. 


Webinars provide education, information, and training on workers' compensation regulatory, policy, and administrative issues. 

Face-to-Face Training

IAIABC face-to-face training provides workers' compensation professionals with practical tools to apply to their administrative and regulatory positions within the industry.