The IAIABC Staff is here to ensure members' needs are met beyond expectations. Your questions and inquiries are welcome and encouraged! 

Jennifer Wolf Horejsh, Executive DirectorJennifer Wolf Horejsh

jwolf@iaiabc.org |+1 (608) 841-2017, ext. 303

Jennifer has been with the IAIABC since 2002 and has served as Executive Director since 2012. She is responsible for managing the Association’s programs to further the IAIABC mission to “advance the efficiency and effectiveness of workers’ compensation systems throughout the world.” Jennifer works closely with the IAIABC Board of Directors to implement initiatives that enhance the Association’s reputation as a global expert on the regulation and administration of workers’ compensation. She closely monitors industry developments and trends, using this information to develop conference and educational content and respond to member questions and information requests. Jennifer has written articles and presented on various workers’ compensation topics.   

Heather Lore, Senior Manager, Membership and CommunicationsHeather Lore

hlore@iaiabc.org | +1 (608) 841-2017, ext. 306

Heather has been with the IAIABC since 2007. She manages member recruitment and retention, and responds to member questions and inquiries. Heather also manages all Association communications, sharing IAIABC news, events, and resources with members and industry leaders. She continues to develop the IAIABC's digital presence through discussion forums, social media, and enhanced interaction through the IAIABC website. Heather is working to build the IAIABC into a worldwide brand. Heather also works closely with the Associate Member Council, Disability Management and Return to Work Committee, and Research and Standards Committee. 

Keri Lore, Coordinator, Education and ResourcesKeri Lore

klore@iaiabc.org | +1 (608) 841-2017, ext. 304

Keri started with the IAIABC in 2010 as a part-time assistant during summers while she was teaching, and in 2013, joined as a full-time staff member. Keri uses her background in education to develop specialty educational programming such as the Foundations of Workers' Compensation Administration Program and EDI training modules. She also develops surveys and other resources based on member requests for information, committee projects, or industry issues. Keri works closely with the Regulation Committee. 

Gregg Lutz, Director, Standards Development and OutreachGregg Lutz

glutz@iaiabc.org | +1 (608) 841-2017, ext. 305

Gregg joined the IAIABC in 2015. Gregg is responsible for providing strategic leadership and management of the IAIABC data reporting standards program to advance the efficiency of workers’ compensation systems. He provides oversight and guidance of the IAIABC programs related to data reporting and information systems. Gregg works closely with the IAIABC Executive Director, the EDI Council and EDI Committees to promote the successful development, implementation, and maintenance of IAIABC data reporting standards. He also works closely with the IAIABC Education and Resources coordinator to promote understanding and improve consistency in use of data reporting standards. Gregg monitors future public policy and technology advancements to further develop and refine data reporting standards and advance the mission of the Association.

Brianna Schumann, Project AssistantBrianna Schumann

bschumann@iaiabc.org | +1 (608) 841-2017, ext. 301

Brianna has worked with the IAIABC since 2013 and graduated from Edgewood College in 2015. Brianna provides administrative support as well as providing member support through processing event registrations, updating member contact information, answering member questions, and making website updates.