The IAIABC develops resources with insights, information, and tools to help IAIABC members and the workers' compensation community make informed policy, regulatory, and administrative decisions. Following is a collection of highlighted resources addressing current issues and upcoming trends in workers' compensation. 

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Profiles of DisputesProfiles of the Dispute Resolution Process in Kansas, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Washington, and Wisconsin
Published January 2019 | Members Only

These profiles, through examining typical events in a judicial dispute including applying for a hearing, scheduling, mediation, appeals, and settlements, are the first step in better understanding the causes of workers' compensation disputes and dispute system processes.


Opioid Policy InventoryOpioid Policy Inventory
Published August 2018 | Open Document

The Opioid Policy Inventory provides information on 23 policies being used by 33 states to curb the ongoing opioid epidemic.


Self-Insurance Regulators' HandbookSelf-Insurance Regulators' Handbook
Published May 2018 | Members Only

The Self-Insurance Regulators' Handbook provides valuable information on self-insurance regulatory frameworks, considerations, policies, and data to help improve or develop a robust workers' compensation self-insurance program.


Understanding the Opt-Out AlternativeUnderstanding the Opt-Out Alternative
Published May 2016 | Open Document

Understanding the Opt-Out Alternative examines opt-out in-depth, addressing key assertions of opt-out proponents including comparability of benefits and coverage to provide a framework and fact-based analysis to guide the continuing public policy debate.


Return to Work: A Foundational Approach to Return to FunctionReturn to Work: A Foundational Approach to Return to Function
Published May 2016 | Open Document

Return to work plays a significant role in the health and recovery of the individual, the reduction of disability, and the improvement of productivity and security. This paper addresses specific stakeholder groups in workers' compensation and discusses the benefits to that stakeholder group for encouraging and participating in early return to work.


A Discussion on the Use of a Formulary in Workers' CompensationA Discussion on the Use of a Formulary in Workers' Compensation
Published April 2016 | Open Document

This resource paper was developed for workers' compensation policymakers, regulators, and industry stakeholders to understand what a formulary is and how it can be used in workers' compensation. The paper explores different approaches to formularies and provides jurisdictional considerations when implementing a formulary.