Member Types and Dues Levels

Member dues make it possible for the IAIABC to provide information, education, and support its many members in the U.S., Canada, and around the world. IAIABC member dues are set on a calendar year and can be pro-rated quarterly for new members.

There are three main types of IAIABC membership:

  • Jurisdictional
  • Associate
  • EDI

Please note that the IAIABC membership dues structure changed effective January 1, 2018. 

Jurisdictional Membership 

Jurisdictional members are governmental agencies, boards, councils, and courts that administer and regulate workers’ compensation acts, systems, and schemes. Only Jurisdictional members have IAIABC business voting rights.

There are two categories of Jurisdictional members: U.S. and Non-U.S.

U.S. Jurisdictional dues are based on U.S. congressional districts. Dues are $515 per congressional district, with a minimum of $1,545 and a maximum of $9,270 per year.

Non-U.S. Jurisdictional dues are a flat fee of $1,545 per year.

Associate Membership

Associate membership is for private sector organizations involved or interested in the workers’ compensation industry. These organizations could include (but are not limited to) insurers, third party administrators, medical providers, employers, service providers, law firms, and more.

Dues are calculated based on the total number of employees in an organization. All employees of an Associate member organization receive member benefits; there is no limit to number of employees.

Number of Organizational Employees and Dues
1-5 Employees: $515
6-499 Employees: $1,030
500-4,999 Employees: $1,545
5,000+ Employees: $2,060

EDI Membership

EDI members have a specific interest in electronic data interchange reporting for workers’ compensation.

There are three categories of EDI members:

  • Insurer/Third Party Administrator/Other Claims Payer
  • Vendor Reporting Transactions
  • Non-Reporting Vendor/Other
Insurer/Third Party Administrator/Other Claims Payer
Dues are paid based on direct payments of workers’ compensation medical and indemnity payments in the previous calendar year.

Claims Paid and Dues

Less than $100 million: $1,500
$100-299 million: $3,000
$300-999 million: $5,500
$1,000-1,999 million: $8,000
$2,000 million+: $10,000

Vendor Reporting Transactions

Vendors that report directly to states using IAIABC EDI Standards pay EDI dues based on the number of states and IAIABC EDI products they are using to report. Dues are $250 per product, per state with a minimum of $1,500.

Non-Reporting Vendor/Other

Dues are a flat fee of $1,500.

Parent/Subsidiary Policy

Only the named Associate or EDI member organization will receive member benefits. Subsidiary organizations that operate under a different name will not assume the member benefits of their parent organization, and must get their own membership to receive member benefits.

Should the subsidiary company become a part of the member company through a name and operational change, then the parent’s membership will expand to include the former subsidiary and dues will change accordingly.

This impacts how Associate member dues are calculated; only the employees of the named member organization will be counted. Parent and subsidiary organizations will not be included in the employee count.

Questions About Membership

Do you have questions about member types and dues or membership in general? Complete the Membership Inquiry Form and an IAIABC staff member will be in touch with you soon.