IAIABC National Conversations on the Future of Workers' Compensation

National Conversations Participants

The IAIABC National Conversations of 2016 brought together industry leaders for difficult but important discussions about the state of workers' compensation in the U.S., and even inspired a new mission for the IAIABC:

"To find solutions to reduce harm and aid recovery from occupational injuries and illnesses."

From National Conversations, four common themes emerged as opportunities for action in the coming years: Improve communication, reduce complexity, raise awareness, and measure performance

The IAIABC has developed a final written report and a short video to share these themes and insights with you, and discuss where we go from here.   

Final Report

The final report of the IAIABC National Conversations outlines the four key ways to improve workers' compensation. The report also discusses how the IAIABC and the industry can carry these discussions forward for positive change and impact. 

Final Report

Final Video

The IAIABC produced a video highlighting the IAIABC's National Conversations. To see the introductory video produced in 2016, visit the IAIABC's YouTube channel


National Conversation Records

The IAIABC held three National Conversations in 2016. Each National Conversation asked different questions of participants, sparking excellent dialogue and discussion of workers' compensation. Click below to read the record of these three National Conversations. 

April 20, 2016 | The IAIABC Forum | Santa Fe, New Mexico

June 18, 2016 | Central States Association Spring Seminar | Madison, Wisconsin

September 27, 2016 | IAIABC 102nd Convention | Portland, Maine