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What is WorkCompare?

One of the most commonly asked questions within the IAIABC community is how jurisdictions handle certain issues (e.g.., allow group self-insurance, have treatment guidelines, direct provider choice, etc.). To answer these and other questions about workers’ compensation systems the IAIABC regularly conducts surveys, publishes comparative tables, and facilitates online discussion in the IAIABC communities. Several other workers’ compensation organizations offer comparative reports or publications to provide similar information.

Most comparative tables offered by the IAIABC and other organizations generally provide reports/tables as PDF documents that are published at various intervals throughout the year. Some drawbacks of these current publications are:

(a) They do not allow for data manipulation (i.e., ability to sort/select by state, aggregate information, or analyze multiple fields);
(b) They can sometimes be difficult to read with accompanying notes only included as footnotes; and
(c) They can become outdated quickly. Data is generally noted as of a specific date. Legislative, regulatory, or administrative changes may occur following the publication schedule that may not be captured until the next publication.    

In order to better meet the needs of the membership, the IAIABC has discussed how to make this information available in a more dynamic and user-friendly way. Using the IAIABC EDI Jurisdictional Profiles as a template, there was a proposal to populate jurisdictional characteristics in a database and publish it online. The benefits of this approach include:

  • Customized searching by jurisdiction(s) or field(s);
  • Enhanced narrative capability to describe subtlety or nuance that is difficult to capture in current jurisdictional tables;
  • Downloadable tables;
  • Real-time updates based on legislative, regulatory, or administrative changes.

The IAIABC worked with the International Workers' Compensation Foundation (IWCF) on development of the interactive database that enhances inter-jurisdictional searches and comparisons on key policy and regulatory issues.  A recording of a demo of WorkCompare can be found here. Please watch the demo to learn more about this tool, future plans, and how you can review your jurisdiction's information and provide feedback.

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