IAIABC Digital Credentials

What Are Digital Credentials? 

Digital credentials, or badges, are a visual representation of skills or achievements earned by an individual through completion of specific programs, courses, or other activities. Badges are instantly verifiable and shareable. They serve as a way to showcase skills and achievements in a way that is not possible with a paper certificate.

IAIABC Digital Credentials

The IAIABC offers digital credentials for programs and its EDI Standards. The IAIABC continues to develop additional credentialing opportunities as educational content is built out on various workers' compensation topics. 

Learn About the IAIABC's Digital Credentials and Requirements

Take Your Test

Final tests are required to complete the two EDI Professional Digital Credentials. 

EDI Claims Professional Test

EDI Medical and ProPay Professional Test

EDI Proof of Coverage Professional Test

Share Your Digital Credentials

You can share your digital credential with:

  • Current or prospective clients
  • Employers
  • Colleagues
  • Industry peers

Show your digital credential:

  • Email signature
  • Social media
  • Website
  • Blog

Access Your Badge

You will receive an email from the IAIABC to let you know when your credential or badge is available to claim upon completion of a program.

If you previously received a digital credential or badge for participation in an IAIABC credentialing program, you can access your badge here.