Dispute Resolution Committee

The mission of the Dispute Resolution Committee is to promote best practices in workers’ compensation judicial and dispute resolution functions among member jurisdictions by providing education, training, and information sharing opportunities for adjudicators and dispute resolution professionals.

Upcoming Calls

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Current Projects
  • Collaborating with the NAWCJ and CWCL to offer training opportunities for judges
  • Planning and offering an annual virtual Workers' Compensation Mediators' College program
  • Subcommittee for ombuds
  • Organizing spotlight presentations on jurisdictional dispute resolution systems

Committee Materials

Official Committee members can continue to the Dispute Resolution Committee Community.

Dispute Resolution Committee

  • Debbie Blevins
    Debbie Blevins
    Deputy Commissioner Virginia Workers' Compensation Commission
  • Brian Holmes
    Brian Holmes
    Director of MOST Tennessee Bureau of Workers' Compensation
    Vice Chair
  • Shannon Bruno Bishop
    Shannon Bruno Bishop
    District Judge Louisiana Workforce Commission
    Board Liaison
  • Samantha Collier
    Samantha Collier
    Education Services Manager IAIABC
    Staff Liaison
  • Brianna Schumann
    Brianna Schumann
    Community Services Manager IAIABC
    Staff Liaison