About IAIABC Committees


IAIABC committees support the mission of the Association to find solutions to reduce harm and aid recovery from occupational injuries and illnesses. They play an important, active role in connecting members and sharing information and insights with the IAIABC and workers' compensation community. Joining an IAIABC committee is an excellent way to become engaged in the IAIABC and build new relationships in the industry.


 The IAIABC has 10 committees that meet to discuss issues and work on important resources for IAIABC members and the workers' compensation industry. 

Responsibilities and Expectations

IAIABC committees meet throughout the year, at different frequencies depending on the committee. Committees traditionally host face-to-face meetings at the IAIABC Convention and The Forum. 

Responsibilities of committee members include: 

  • Attending virtual and face-to-face committee meetings as scheduled. Committee members are asked to participate in at least one face-to-face meeting per year, if unable to attend both. 
  • Actively participating in planning, implementing, and executing short- and long-term committee projects and goals. 
  • Pariticpating in commitee activities and fulfilling assignments in a timely manner. 
  • Assisting committee leaders with formulating ideas and topics for discussions, projects, and products that will meet the mission of the IAIABC.
  • Participating in committee discussions, including during meetings, in online communities, and through other means. 

Committee Terms

Committee appointments are for one calendar year. Applications are open in October and November for the following year. 

Committee Activities

While committees meet all year, often their most productive and well-attended meetings take place during the IAIABC Convention in the fall and The Forum in the spring. Read these Committee Summaries to learn what the committees have been discussing. 

The Forum 2023 Digest (April 2023) 

IAIABC 108th Convention Digest (September 2022)

The Forum 2022 Digest (April 2022)

IAIABC 107th Convention (Virtual pre-Convention meetings September 2021) 

Committee Governance

Committees are governed by the IAIABC Committee Handbook.