About IAIABC Councils

The IAIABC EDI Council and Associate Member Council support the mission of the Association to find solutions to reduce harm and aid recovery from occupational injuries and illnesses. They play an important, active role in connecting members and sharing information and insights with the IAIABC and workers' compensation community. 

Each council has a limited number of members who are appointed by the IAIABC president. 

EDI Council

There are 24 members of the EDI Council; 12 representatives from Jurisdictonal member organizations and 12 representatives from EDI member organizations. Each member serves a three year term, with eight rolling appointments made each year (four Jurisdictional and four EDI). 

Responsibilities and Expectations

The EDI Council is governed by IAIABC EDI Program Governance, as well as the direction of the Board of Directors. The EDI Council meets virtually every month in addition to hosting face-to-face meetings at the IAIABC Convention and The Forum. 

Responsibilities of the EDI Council include: 

  • In general, provides oversight of the EDI Program (EDI Standards and EDI Committees).
  • Protects the needs of stakeholders.
  • Promotes consistency across standards.
  • Ensures transparency of processes and rules.
  • Establishes ownership and accountability.
  • Ensures that the benefit of a change supports the cost of development and administration.

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Associate Member Council

There are 15 members of the Associate Member Council. Each member serves a three-year term, with five rolling appointments made each year. 

Responsibilities and Expectations

The Associate Member Council is driven by its Charter, as well as direction from the Board of Directors. The Associate Member Council meets monthly virtually in addition to hosting face-to-face meetings at the IAIABC Convention and The Forum.

Responsibilities of the Associate Member Council include: 

  • Recommending and providing guidance to the Board of Directors and IAIABC staff for purposes of effectively recruiting and retaining Associate and EDI members to the Association.
  • Assisting in developing program content, securing subject matter experts, and procuring sponsorship for IAIABC Conventions and Forums and other educational offerings. 
  • Developing, approving, and executing robust subject matter agendas for Associate Member Council agendas. 
  • Providing insights on impacts associated with new and developed workers' compensation rules, statutory laws and administrative practices. 

Council Activities

While councils and committees meet all year, often their most productive and well-attended meetings take place during the IAIABC Convention in the fall and The Forum in the spring. Read these Committee Summaries to learn what the councils and committees have been discussing. 

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