EDI Training

Electronic Data Interchange

EDI Claims Release 3.1 Virtual Training

EDI Claims Release 3.1 Training provides a great opportunity for users of the IAIABC EDI Claims Release 3.1 Standard to learn about the Standard. These trainings are held as needed by jurisdictions and industry stakeholders. 

Check back in 2024 for more information regarding the virtual EDI Claims Release 3.1 Training.

EDI Claims Release 3.1 Updates Webinar

This webinar will cover updates to the EDI Claims Release 3.1 standard and how those changes impact the standard. This webinar is free for IAIABC members and $59 for non-members. Completion of this webinar will count towards renewal of the EDI Claims Professional Badge

Ongoing EDI Training 

Ongoing EDI training is available through the IAIABC's online educational platform, educate@iaiabc. Formerly offered as the EDI Training Subscription, training modules and both recorded and live webinars are now available for free to all IAIABC members. 

These modules and webinars share insights into each of the IAIABC EDI Standards, Claims; Proof of Coverage; Medical State Reporting; and Electronic Medical Billing. General EDI content is also available, providing EDI basics. Educational content offered ranges from introductory to intermediate. 

EDI credentials in Claims, Proof of Coverage, and Medical are still available. Management of the credentials with course requirements and tracking will be available soon through educate@iaiabc.

Go to educate@iaiabc