EDI Training

EDI Claims Release 3.1 Virtual Training

Electronic Data Interchange

Check back in Summer 2022 for information on the next virtual EDI Claims Release 3.1 Training event.  The Training provides a great opportunity for jurisdictions and industry participants to learn about the newest release of the IAIABC Claims Standard. 

EDI Training 

EDI training modules and educational session recordings will be available to all IAIABC members through educate@iaiabc in 2022.

General EDI Training

  • EDI for Compliance and Beyond (session recording)
  • Power Up EDI (session recording)
  • Introduction to the IAIABC and EDI and Introduction to the IAIABC EDI Standards (module)


  • Introduction to Claims Release 3.0 and the Implementation Guide (module)
  • Introduction to EDI Claims Release 3.1 (module, updates for 2021)
    • Implementation Roadmap (webinar recordings)
    • Claims Release 3.1 Industry Readiness (webinar recording)
    • 2021 Updates* (webinar recording)* 
  • Introduction to EDI XML (module)


  • Introduction to Electronic Medical Billing (eBilling) (module)
  • Introduction to Medical State Reporting (module)

Proof of Coverage

  • Introduction to Proof of Coverage (module)
  • Proof of Coverage: Roadmap for Jurisdictions Moving from Release 2.1 to 3.0 (recording)
  • Policy to POC (recording)

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