Associate Member Council

Chair: Sandy Shtab, Healthesystems

Vice Chair: Jill Dulich, Self Insurers' Security Fund

IAIABC Staff Liaisons: Heather Lore and Brianna Schumann

Board of Directors Liaison: Mark Long, Michigan Workers' Disability Compensation Agency

The Associate Member Council promotes the mission of the IAIABC by recommending programs and services to be provided by the IAIABC, serving as an issue identification resource to standing committees, providing input and participation in conference programs, recruiting new associate members, and building strategic alliances with other companion groups. There are 15 members of the Associate Member Council, who are elected to three year terms.

Upcoming Calls

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Current Projects

The Associate Member Council currently has two subcommittees who are addressing:

  • Telemedicine
  • Fee Schedules
Council Materials

The Associate Member Council Charter guides the purpose, composition, meetings, and duties and responsibilties of the Associate Member Council. 

Official Council members can continue to the Associate Member Council Community.