Regulation Committee

Chair: Stacey Roig, Maryland Workers' Compensation Commission

Vice Chair: Joe Moreth, Wisconsin Division of Worker's Compensation

IAIABC Staff Liaison: Brianna Schumann and Jessica Faust

Board of Directors Liaison: Robert Doucette, New Mexico General Services Department, and Sheri Bowles, Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Department of Industrial Accidents

The Regulation Committee identifies problems and challenges in the compliance, enforcement, self-insurance, insurance, and coverage areas. Through presentations, discussions, breakout sessions, and surveys the Regulation Committee supports its mission and the mission of the IAIABC.

Upcoming Calls

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Current Projects
  • Discussing and monitoring independent contractor vs. employee issues related to new business models (e.g., transportation networking companies like Uber and Lyft)
  • Discussing and examining issues facing temporary workers
Committee Materials

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