EDI Council

Chair: David Sprick, Kansas Division of Workers' Compensation

Vice Chair: Harte Pricer, Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry

IAIABC Staff Liaison: Gregg Lutz

Board of Directors Liaisons: Gregor Kemper (ex officio), German Social Accident Insurance (DGUV) and Scott Weiant, Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry

The mission of the EDI Council is to enhance the decisions of workers’ compensation policy makers by promoting and facilitating voluntary consensus standards for the electronic exchange of data and safeguarding their integrity so information can be exchanged economically and be readily accessible and comparable between jurisdictions. The EDI Council is composed of representatives of 12 Jurisdictional members and 12 EDI members.

Current Projects
  • Claims Modernization Project
  • XML Replacement Project
Council Materials

Official Council members can continue to the EDI Council Community.