IAIABC: Please provide an organizational profile (number of employees, years in business, where you do business, organizational vision)

Greg Gilbert, Senior Vice President and Chief Reimbursement and Governmental Relations Officer, Concentra: Concentra® is a national occupational health provider headquartered in Addison, Texas. Founded in 1979 in Amarillo, Texas, we provide occupational medicine and urgent care, as well as diagnostic, physical rehabilitation, preventive, and corporate wellness services. Concentra’s mission is to improve the health of America’s workforce, one patient at a time.

Today, Concentra operates more than 520 medical centers and 140 onsite clinics across 44 states. Concentra has more than 11,000 employees and works with more than 185,000 employers nationwide. We strive to treat every person “the Concentra way” by delivering quality clinical care and a positive customer experience from welcoming, respectful, and skillful colleagues.

IAIABC: How does your organization serve the workers’ compensation industry or what do you see as the most important role you play in the workers’ compensation industry?

GG: Concentra is the largest occupational health provider in the United States, treating one in every five workers’ compensation injury cases nationwide. Our clinicians provide work injury case coordination, consultation, physical therapy, and specialty care for complex cases.

As the nation’s leading provider of work injury care, we are dedicated to delivering superior medical outcomes and helping injured employees achieve rapid, sustainable return to work. We also help employers and employees prevent future injuries with a variety of injury prevention and employee health protection services such as safety assessments, ergonomics, and physical exams.

IAIABC: What do you see as some of the major challenges the industry is facing, and how can we as a community address them?

GG: Rising health care costs is one of the most significant challenges the industry faces today. As workers’ compensation regulations continue to evolve – and associated costs continue to rise – it’s critical that all stakeholders remain abreast of these changes. When costs rise, sometimes people focus on immediate and short-term solutions, but that’s not always the right approach. Ensuring well-developed policy that is effective - but not overly burdensome - should be a key focus for all stakeholders. For the best outcomes, regulators need to look at the big picture, and not lose sight of employee recovery and how to prevent injuries in the future. Together, we should focus on delivering adequate benefits in the most cost-efficient way, while assuring access to the highest quality medical care available.

IAIABC: Are there any projects/programs/initiatives going on at your organization that you are particularly excited or enthusiastic about?

GG: Concentra has the distinction of being the first occupational health provider with a telemedicine solution designed exclusively for work injuries. Concentra Telemed™ is our proprietary telemedicine platform that streamlines work injury care by delivering medical care and rehab services when and where needed. Concentra Telemed uses video technology to give employees access to a nationwide network of occupational health clinicians. Whether it’s the initial consultation following a work incident, a follow-up appointment, or a rehab session from home or work, Concentra Telemed keeps injured employees engaged in their recovery by removing barriers (e.g., transportation, distance, time) that could otherwise hinder them from seeking the care they need. In light of rapidly evolving technology and increased consumer expectations, Concentra is enhancing our technology capabilities, company culture, and communication processes to deliver the best possible experience for our customers and patients.

IAIABC: Why is your organization a member of the IAIABC? What would you tell others about the benefits of membership?

GG: IAIABC embodies what Concentra stands for from an occupational injury management perspective. As part of our company values, we have a tireless resolve to facilitate the workplace injury care process for employers and injured workers. Our goal is to make the process less burdensome and costly while still providing excellent patient care. We believe IAIABC and its devoted members share this value and goal. This association provides a forum where industry thought leaders can share knowledge, developments and new ideas, and gain greater insight from colleagues who also have a vested interest in staying current on the latest workers’ compensation developments.