What Is educate@iaiabc? 

The International Association of Industrial Accident Boards and Commissions (IAIABC) has launched educate@iaiabc, a new online education service. Educate@iaiabc helps meet the workers’ compensation professional development, education, and training needs of its member organizations.

Watch the short tutorial below to learn more!

Go to educate@iaiabc

What Is Available Through educate@iaiabc?

Educate@iaiabc includes libraries of content on a variety of workers’ compensation topics. These are accessible to all IAIABC member organizations. Within each of the libraries shown here, you will find training sessions, modules, and session recordings related to the library topic. The IAIABC has plans for consistent development of new educate@iaiabc content, providing leading edge insight for the IAIABC community.

Dispute Resolution

EDI Basics

EDI Claims

EDI Medical

EDI Proof of Coverage


Global Systems

Medical Issues


Research and Standards

Work Disability Prevention and Return to Work

We will soon add new libraries to help you track requirements for earning or maintaining EDI digital credentials.

How Can I Access educate@iaiabc? 

To access your learning dashboard on educate@iaiabc, make sure you are logged into your IAIABC account and click the button below.

Go to educate@iaiabc

If you have colleagues who may be interested in educate@iaiabc and do not have an IAIABC account, they can create one under their organization by clicking the “Join” link on the IAIABC website. You can also find directions on how to create a new account on the FAQ page.