NCCI: Special Edition

NCCI: Special Edition September 2023

IAIABC: 2023 is NCCI’s 100th Anniversary, how has NCCI grown as an organization over those years? Are there any special celebrations for the anniversary? 

NCCI: The National Council on Compensation Insurance (NCCI) became operational in 1923 when a group of forward-thinking policymakers recognized the need for an organization to provide objective data and insights to foster a healthy workers compensation system. We began in New York City, and in 1985, we moved our headquarters to Boca Raton, FL. In the early days, we used punch card machines to tabulate data and those were considered sophisticated machines. Fast-forward to 100 years later. Our data collection is now fully automated with electronic reporting systems. This is just one example of how NCCI has continuously evolved over the years.  

While the WC industry has changed, NCCI’s mission to foster a healthy workers compensation system has remained consistent for a century. 

All of us at NCCI are incredibly proud of our 100-year history. We invite you to check out to see our timeline and a short video reflecting a century of service. We’ve marked our centennial with a sprinkling of themed industry events and expert commentaries that reflect on our past and look towards the future. Most recently, we held an all-employee celebration at NCCI’s headquarters, complete with decades of workers compensation memorabilia, fashion, and trivia.  


Are there any projects/programs/initiatives since the IAIABC last talked with you in 2020 that you would like to highlight or are particularly excited about? 

NCCI: Yes, it’s an exciting time at NCCI, and we’re happy to share some of our larger initiatives.

This month, NCCI will release a first-of-its-kind Claims Data Dashboard, which will provide medical experience benchmarking capabilities for a customizable selection of states and industry sectors. It will enable stakeholders to do their own analyses with customized reviews and comparisons of medical costs for physicians, facilities, and prescription drugs, and it will be updated quarterly—offering fresh, up-to-date insights into medical price and utilization trends.

We’ve launched an online data resource library to facilitate year-round learning for our stakeholders. It is designed for all levels of data reporting professionals and offers a wide array of courses from beginner to advanced levels. You can refresh your existing skills or learn something new. This resource is free and available to all.  

Another exciting initiative is NCCI Academy, a modernized learning experience for affiliates and regulators, which includes a Data Reporting Basics curriculum and digital badging via Credly. The Data Reporting Basics curriculum reviews five essential data types and shows how they relate to a workers compensation policy. It also provides insight into how NCCI uses the data reported in our core solutions. Over 70 insurers have incorporated NCCI Academy into their training programs and more than 38,000 individual courses have been completed.

Coming soon is NCCI's Atlas solution, and it delivers on one of the most significant initiatives in our history. It transforms workers compensation manuals, taking 100 years of content and modernizing it to significantly ease customer access. We have completed transforming nine manuals, including the Basic Manual for Workers Compensation and Employers Liability Insurance, the Data Quality Guidebook, the Electronic Transmission User’s Guide, and the Scopes Manual and there’s more to come. It’s an atlas-sized project, and we’ve been pleased with the response so far. 

What is an interesting fact about NCCI that most people don't know?

NCCI: We know the importance of data, and here are some interesting facts. 
Each year, NCCI collects and analyzes approximately: 
•    3.5 million policies  
•    5.5 million unit statistical reports 
•    55.5 million Medical Data Call transactions  
•    10.5 million Indemnity Data Call transactions  

What is it about NCCI as an organization that keeps people coming back?

NCCI: Our people are our greatest asset.  

If you were to look at any list of things that motivates employees to remain with an employer, NCCI would consistently check many, if not all, of the boxes. NCCI provides an environment where people are encouraged to learn and development is rewarded. Integrity and a sense of purpose are also key, and our employees feel a sense of pride supporting the noble cause of the workers compensation industry. Finally, NCCI’s culture is a key to the retention of employees. Employees are respected and trusted to perform in a flexible environment where work-life balance is encouraged, and there is an inherent trust in leadership. 

NCCI employees gather for a live 100th photo to kick off their centennial celebration.
NCCI employees gather for a live 100th photo to kick off their centennial celebration.

Where does NCCI see itself in the workers compensation industry in the next 10 years? 

NCCI: Today, the workers compensation system is healthy and strong, and it’s important that we continue to adapt to the changing environment and embrace new technologies that will improve on delivery to our stakeholders along the way. 
Notably, we are looking at ways to broaden our data assets that are used in support of critical industry analysis. We’re also exploring ways to revitalize the classification system to reflect a modern workforce and workplace. We are enabling more intuitive access to NCCI solutions and data, allowing our stakeholders to interact with us with greater efficiency in the future.
While NCCI’s mission hasn’t changed, the workers compensation system certainly has, and NCCI will continue to evolve and be responsive. And, while we can’t predict the future, we can remain vigilant and be prepared for what lies ahead. Together, we can foster a healthy workers compensation system for the next century. 

What are your favorite benefits of IAIABC membership? 

NCCI: The IAIABC is a group of like-minded professionals dedicated to creating and sustaining high-quality Standards to support an ever-evolving workers compensation industry. In fact, 22 of the 38 jurisdictions where NCCI provides Proof of Coverage (POC) services utilize the IAIABC POC Standard. Our participation and leadership in data-focused industry committees is important to us, and we take our role very seriously. We’re committed to continuing to help create and sustain effective Standards that, in part, enable a healthy system.

We have built lasting relationships with our regulatory and industry partners through IAIABC’s networking and educational events. We greatly value the insights gained through our participation.