Future Plans for IAIABC Workers' Compensation Reporting Standard


A unanimous vote of the Board of Directors approved development of a new IAIABC Standard which utilizes XML (a common format to represent data) for workers’ compensation regulatory reporting. The Standard will create data models for reporting of both Claims Release 3.1 and Proof of Coverage 3.0 in XML as an alternative to the flat file. The product will expand jurisdictional options for data collection in the future.

This Standard will be tailored to meet the specific needs of the workers’ compensation industry and advance both efficiency and flexibility for jurisdictions and trading partners. The new IAIABC Standard is scheduled for publication in spring 2020. Jurisdictional implementation could begin as early as spring 2021.

Jurisdictional data reporting is an area that impacts many of the IAIABC’s members. Creating sustainable solutions in this area is key to meeting our mission of reducing harm and aiding recovery from occupational injuries and illnesses. The IAIABC will continue to provide information and updates throughout the development process.