IAIABC 2019 Annual Report: Find Your Voice


The theme of the IAIABC 2019 Annual Report is to "Find Your Voice." IAIABC President Evelyn McGill notes that it can be difficult for each of us to find our own voices, whether at work, home, or with family and friends. We can find power in our individual voices as we stand up for causes we believe in, share new ideas, or advocate for someone we love. But when we connect with other voices with shared goals, our voices become that much stronger. Through the IAIABC, we bring our voices together as a group, and work collectively to make the world a better place to work, live, and enjoy. 

In the 2019 Annual Report, readers will learn about IAIABC activities and updates including:

  • The Convention and The Forum conferences
  • Educational programs and individuals who received new credentials
  • NextGen and Excellence Award winners
  • Member spotlights
  • IAIABC podcast "Accidentally"
  • Committee work and progress
  • Association financials and membership

The Annual Report helps readers gain insight into the value the IAIABC provides its member organizations and their employees in the last year, and where the possibilities lie in the future.