IAIABC Claims Release 3.1 XML Publication Announcement


The IAIABC is pleased to announce the publication of the new Claims Release 3.1 XML Standard. This standard allows claims regulatory data to be submitted to a jurisdiction in XML which is more efficient than flat file transport.

The new standard increases flexibility for jurisdictions; allowing them to more easily define required data elements and receive real-time reports. Jurisdictions can begin implementing the new standard in March 2021 to provide all stakeholders sufficient time to complete the necessary programming changes.

Development of the Claims Release 3.1 XML Standard was completed by a talented group of IAIABC volunteers. The standard consists of the Claims Release 3.1 Schema, XML Flat File Mapping, XML Sample Files, and Claims R3.1 XML User Guide.

IAIABC Jurisdictional and EDI Members may download these resources for free, and Associate Members and non-IAIABC Members may purchase access on the IAIABC website at www.iaiabc.org/edi-claims


Contact: Gregg Lutz, Standards Development and Outreach Director, IAIABC
Phone: 608-410-2218
Email: glutz@iaiabc.org