Workers' Compensation Leaders Recognized with 2022 IAIABC President's Awards


Gregor Kemper, Director of International Relations, German Social Accident Insurance (DGUV) and then-IAIABC President, recognized eight individuals for their service to the IAIABC and the workers’ compensation industry at the IAIABC 108th Convention on September 14, 2022.

Conferred annually, the President’s Awards honor those who demonstrate commitment to reducing harm and aiding recovery from occupational injuries and illnesses. The IAIABC proudly celebrates these individuals and their achievements.

The 2022 President’s Award was given to Karl Aumann, Chairman of the Maryland Workers’ Compensation Commission. The President’s Award is given in appreciation for dedicated leadership and service to the IAIABC and international workers’ compensation community. Karl has been a leader with the IAIABC for a number of years, serving as Chair of the International Committee. During his years of service, Karl has spoken around the world about the importance of the mission of the IAIABC, building bridges and relationships between the IAIABC and workers’ compensation organizations in the U.S. and abroad.

The 2022 Frances Perkins Award was given to Jill Gradwohl Schroeder, Administrator of the Nebraska Workers’ Compensation Court. The Frances Perkins Award is awarded for following in the footsteps of Frances Perkins, US Secretary of Labor and IAIABC President, who was a role model for innovation and progressive leadership in workers’ compensation and social security. Jill reaches out on a frequent basis with input and ideas on IAIABC programming and resources. She is always willing to assist with projects and education. She embodies the spirit of working to make workers’ compensation better for every individual it touches with resolve and compassion.

The 2022 Samuel Gompers Award was presented to Chris Godfrey, Director of the U.S. Office of Workers’ Compensation Programs. The Samuel Gompers Award is given in recognition of outstanding efforts “In improving the working conditions of the masses.” Chris has worked tirelessly for many years to have a positive impact on workers’ compensation systems. During his time as Commissioner of the Iowa Division of Workers’ Compensation, he spoke during U.S. federal hearings about opportunities for improving workers’ compensation. He has and continues to fight for those who have been negatively impacted by a workplace injury.

The 2022 IAIABC Award of Merit was presented to Meng Li Che, Assistant Chief Industrial Appeals Judge with the Washington Board of Industrial Insurance Appeals. The Award of Merit recognizes an individual for outstanding contribution of leadership and commitment in furthering the goals of the association. Meng has worked diligently as the Vice Chair of the IAIABC’s Dispute Resolution Committee to build and enhance the Committee’s educational programming, including the Judicial Program. She has also driven the Committee’s discussions of bias, diversity, equity, and inclusion, understanding the importance of DEI awareness and education.

The 2022 International Collaboration Award was presented to Irina Nemirovsky, Research Data Specialist with the California Commission on Health and Safety and Workers’ Compensation. The International Collaboration Award is given for excellence in promoting collaboration and understanding between international workers’ compensation and social security agencies. Irina has been engaged in discussions and willing to assist, either volunteering or stepping up when asked. She has helped to connect with attendees from outside of the U.S. during conferences, building relationships and furthering international collaboration opportunities.

The 2022 Outstanding Achievement in EDI was presented to Amy Royce, Senior Data Consultant with NCCI. The award for Outstanding Achievement in EDI is given for outstanding contribution and commitment to the development of Electronic Data Interchange standards for workers’ compensation reporting. As the chair of the EDI Proof of Coverage Committee, Amy has supported stakeholder needs and promoted the benefits of the standard. She has also had a positive impact on our educational program by contributing to the creation of a POC digital credential and original training content that expanded the educational offerings available for Proof of Coverage.

The 2022 Associate Member Award of Merit was presented to Steve Wurzelbacher, Director of the Center for Workers’ Compensation Studies at the National Institutes for Occupational Safety and Health. The Associate Member Award of Merit recognizes outstanding contribution of leadership and commitment in furthering the goals of the Association. Steve has often volunteered time and expertise to the Research and Standards Committee for its Claims Measures and COVID-19 projects. He is always willing to share insights from NIOSH and has helped connect the IAIABC with individuals in the US federal government for programming or resources. His expertise and knowledge are extensive, and the IAIABC is better for his involvement.

The 2022 Past President Award was presented to Ron Dressler, Director of the Utah Labor Commission Division of Industrial Labor. Ron started his presidency in September of 2020 and helped lead the IAIABC through the Covid-19 pandemic with steadfast dedication and passion. He generously gave his time and expertise, leading the Board and Association through the virtual world of member services and meetings. Throughout his time on the Board of Directors, Ron has been a thoughtful, measured, and insightful voice. He has served as a consensus builder on many issues we’ve tackled. Ron is always willing to lend support and share ideas, experiences, and expertise.


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