Previous NextGen Award Recipients

2018 Recipients

2018 NextGen Recipients

Aubrey Chigwada, Virginia Workers' Compensation Commission

Dineika Jefferson, Missouri Division of Workers' Compensation

Jillian Hamilton, Manage Damage

Bri Lake, Montana Department of Labor and Industry

Jennifer Norleen-Beitel, Saskatchewan Workers' Compensation Board

Colby Painter, Virginia Workers' Compensation Commission

Stephanie Pauley, Ohio Bureau of Workers' Compensation

2017 Recipients

2017 NextGen Award Recipients

Amanda Aponte, SFM

Kendra DePaul, Ohio Bureau of Workers' Compensation

Alfred Faber, Insurance Services Office, Inc.

Brian Holmes, Tennessee Bureau of Workers’ Compensation 

Stevi Leech, Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Office of Adjudication

Neil McSheim, Workplace Safety and Insurance Board 

Harte Pricer, Pennsylvania Bureau of Workers' Compensation

Tina Queen, Mitchell International

Crystal Ricciuti, New York State Workers’ Compensation Board 

Jessica Stimac, Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry

Sarah Tayts, Eastern Alliance Insurance Group