Virtual EDI Claims Release 3.1 Training 2024

EDI Claims Release 3.1 Training


The EDI Claims Release 3.1 training provides a great opportunity for jurisdiction and industry participants to learn about the newest release of the IAIABC Claims Standard. Previously a two-day event, this training will now be spaced out over the course of four weeks to accommodate busy schedules. Participants will still have the opportunity to meet via Zoom and learn from industry experts in addition to more self-paced learning content. Lessons include:

  • An introduction to the IAIABC, EDI Standards, and available resources
  • New, updated, and changed Data Elements (DNs) and Maintenance Type Codes (MTCs), including Net to Zero and the MTC 02 Change
  • Overview of the IAIABC Claims Release 3.1 XML Standard
  • Scenario demonstrations and activities
  • Specialized group sessions so participants can discuss their specific responsibilities on how to receive and process (jurisdiction) or create and send (industry) new MTCs, code values, and processing rules

The EDI Claims Professional Digital Credential is available to participants who complete the requirements for this program and demonstrate their knowledge on a final test (included in program.) 

How do I attend?

Check out the agenda tab to confirm if the dates will work for you. Then, register and receive a confirmation email that will include a link to join the live, virtual Orientation session. The IAIABC Education Services Manager will stay in contact with you with instructions throughout the program.

You can also download this 2024 EDI Claims Release 3.1 Training Schedule At a Glance to keep track of dates and topics. 


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