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EDI Medical and ProPay Professional Badge Final Test

Eligibility Requirements

  • Be an EDI or Jurisdictional IAIABC member
  • Complete the modules and recorded training sessions related to eBilling and Medical State Reporting found in educate@iaiabc

About the Test

This test tests your knowledge of EDI with a focus on medical state reporting and eBilling.  The content is built from information and concepts covered in the modules, recorded training sessions, and EDI resources found on the IAIABC website.

The test consists of a variety of questions.  A passing score of at least 85% must be achieved to pass the test. 

  • “Open-book”: Test takers can use any training materials, resources, or notes to answer the questions.
  • No time limit
  • Test fee includes three (3) attempts to achieve a passing score.

Once registered for the test, you will receive access to the test through educate@iaiabcYou will have access to the EDI Medical and ProPay Professional Credential library which will show all the required modules and sessions along with access to the final test. 

IAIABC EDI Medical and ProPay Professional Badge

Passing this test is the final step to earning the IAIABC EDI Medical and ProPay Professional Badge. Learn more about the IAIABC's digital credentialing here.

Member Price: $49