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EDI Claims Release 3.1 Updates Webinar 2024

Wednesday, February 21, 2024
1:00 PM - 2:00 PM (CST)

Zoom Webinar

Event Details

This webinar will cover updates to the EDI Claims Release 3.1 standard and how those changes impact the standard.

Updates in the 2024 edition of the Claims Release 3.1 publication include:

  • New Email Address Data Element:
    Added a new data element to collect email addresses for effective communication, enhancing flexibility and capturing important contact information.
  • Clarification on Mandatory Data:
    Clarified mandatory data elements for AQ FROI transactions, providing clear guidance on essential information.
  • Change Reason Code Clarification:
    Clarified the use of MTC 02 Change, improving accuracy in reporting added, updated, or removed data elements.
  • New Denial Date Data Element:
    Added a new data element to capture the date of the final decision to fully deny all benefits, enhancing transparency and documentation of claim denial decisions.

Completion of this webinar will count towards renewal of the EDI Claims Professional Badge

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Dane Curtis
Dane Curtis
Standards Development and Outreach Director IAIABC