IAIABC EDI Claims Release 3.1 Standard Now Available in XML


The International Association of Industrial Accident Boards and Commissions (IAIABC) is excited to release new options for workers’ compensation claims data reporting following the successful pilot of the Claims Release 3.1 XML Standard with the State of Kansas.

XML has been added as alternative to the flat file version of the IAIABC’s Claim Release 3.1 Standard. The XML format adds more flexibility and increases data integrity for sending and receiving first and subsequent reports of injury. Additionally, XML allows for real time data reporting and is easier to update and maintain.

The Claims Release 3.1 XML Standard was adopted in 2020 and the pilot began in September 2020 and completed in March 2021. The pilot program was overseen by a Quality Assurance Team and included testing of the XML schema, file processing, and a full end-to-end of the claims reporting process.

David Sprick, Administrator, Operations Section, for the Kansas Division of Workers’ Compensation and Chair of the IAIABC EDI Council stated, “The State of Kansas worked very closely with our pilot partners and the IAIABC as we conducted the IAIABC EDI Claims 3.1 XML pilot. We learned a lot through the process and updated the Standard accordingly. In all, we are pleased with the outcome of the pilot and look forward to new opportunities using the XML format. I want to thank the leadership at the Kansas Department of Labor for allowing our EDI team to continue to pilot and improve the XML standards by supplying us with the necessary resources.”

The IAIABC appreciates the State of Kansas and their reporting partners Ebix, Mitchell | Genex | Coventry, and Aerie EDI Group for completing the pilot. The pilot demonstrates the capabilities of the Claims Release 3.1 XML Standard in fulfilling the needs and data reporting requirements of the IAIABC’s member jurisdictions.

IAIABC EDI and Jurisdictional Members can access the EDI Claims Release 3.1 documents, including the updated XML files, on the IAIABC website. The documents are also available for purchase to IAIABC Associate and Non-Members.


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