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EDI Claims Release 3.0 Implementation Guide

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EDI Claims Release 3.0 Implementation Guide

Claims Release 3.0

The IAIABC EDI Implementation Guide for Claims: First, Subsequent, Acknowledgment Detail, Header, & Trailer Records (Release 3.0). IAIABC EDI Standards may be purchased by non-IAIABC members and IAIABC Associate members for $295 each. Please note that non-IAIABC members are unable to download the Claims Release 3.0 Implementation Guide following purchase, but are able to view the Guide. 

PLEASE NOTE: You must create an account with the IAIABC before purchase in order to gain access to the document.
You may create an account on the next screen. Do not purchase as a Guest.

Prior to purchasing and accessing the Standard documents, you must agree to the Click-Wrap Agreement.

*Do not purchase as a Guest or you will not be able to access the Guide.

Price: $295

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