Foundations Program Instructors

The Foundations of Workers' Compensation Program


The IAIABC appreciates the time and talents shared by its many course instructors.

WorkComp Strategies

Particular thanks go to Matt Bryant and Greg Krohm of WorkComp Strategies for assisting with program development, serving as discussion leaders and instructors, and reviewing final tests.

Cody Allen, SFM Mutual
Matt Bryant

WorkComp Strategies

Vincent Bell, The Black Car Fund
Greg Krohm

Work Comp Strategies

Andrew Cortese, United Airlines

Jennifer Wolf

Minnesota Workers Compensation Insurers Association (MWCIA)

Cynthia James, Virginia Workers' Compensation Commission

Christy Culkin

Colorado Division of Workers' Compensation

Kyle Jones, Tennessee Bureau of Workers' Compensation
Angela Nelson

Petyah Pierre, Broward County Sheriff's Office

John Schrock

Michigan Workers' Disability Compensation Agency (Retired)

Jina Qu, Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB)

Vickie Kennedy

Linea Solutions

Cody Allen, SFM Mutual
Ryan Guppy

Vocational Recovery Partners, LLC

Vincent Bell, The Black Car Fund
David Cicola

Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry

Andrew Cortese, United Airlines

Wesley Marshall

Virginia Workers' Compensation Commission