IAIABC and NAIC Release Joint Policy Paper on Changing Employment Relationshipss


The International Association of Industrial Accident Boards and Commissions (IAIABC) and the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) have collaborated to deliver a paper on changing employment relationships and implications for workers’ compensation, “Workers’ Compensation Policy and the Changing Workforce.”

The diversity and mobility of the workforce has shifted, creating work outside of legally defined employer-employee relationships. These changes, and the rapid transformation of workplaces during COVID-19, have highlighted opportunities to modernize social protections associated with work. These discussions are important to the health, safety, and economic security of businesses and workers for the future.

“As policymakers look to the future, they recognize existing employment protections and rights do not necessarily fit contemporary business models. This paper describes these challenges and provides examples of alternative programs,” notes Jennifer Wolf, IAIABC Executive Director.

“Workers’ Compensation Policy and the Changing Workforce” provides an overview of employment classification models and recent legislation on employment status. The paper also discusses the issues policymakers should consider when making decisions that will impact workforce protections. Included are descriptions of models and pilot programs in use around the world to deliver benefits to workers outside of the traditional workers’ compensation system.

The paper is complimentary on both the IAIABC and NAIC websites; access the paper on the IAIABC website here.

About the IAIABC

The IAIABC is an association of government agencies that administer and regulate their jurisdiction’s workers' compensation acts. Along with these government entities, various private organizations involved in the delivery of workers' compensation coverage and benefits participate in the IAIABC. Since its inception in 1914 the IAIABC has worked to improve and clarify laws, identify model laws and procedures, develop and implement standards, and provide education and information sharing. The IAIABC strives to gather the best resources available to solve the practical administrative and operational problems of its members. Learn more at www.iaiabc.org.