IAIABC Releases New Jurisdictional Comparison Tool, WorkCompare


WorkCompareThe International Association of Industrial Accident Boards and Commissions (IAIABC) has released a new tool, called WorkCompare, that allows members to compare and better understand jurisdictional laws, regulations, and policies related to workers’ compensation.


WorkCompare currently includes tables on five topics: agency information, formularies, treatment guidelines, employment status, and cannabis. Users can manipulate the tables, allowing interactive comparisons based on the user’s needs. To ensure that users are receiving up-to-date information, data id maintained in real-time as updates are received from jurisdictions.


Through providing immediate and easy access to current information on workers’ compensation laws, regulations, and administration, the IAIABC helps its members make informed policy and business decisions. This is particularly important today as workers’ compensation systems are asked to adapt and transform quickly during the ongoing pandemic.


Additional comparative tables are in development based on feedback from IAIABC members and insights from an appointed Advisory Council.


The development and maintenance of WorkCompare is supported in part by the International Workers’ Compensation Fund (IWCF); the IAIABC is appreciative of the IWCF’s participation.


More information about WorkCompare can be found at https://www.iaiabc.org/WorkCompare


About the IAIABC

The International Association of Industrial Accident Boards and Commissions is a not-for-profit association representing government agencies charged with the administration of workers’ compensation systems as well as other workers’ compensation professionals in the private sector. Its mission is to find solutions to reduce harm and aid recovery from occupational injuries and illnesses. Learn more about the IAIABC at www.iaiabc.org.



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