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EDI Claims Professional Digital Credential

Eligibility Requirements

  • Be an EDI or Jurisdictional IAIABC member
  • Complete the modules in the EDI Claims Professional Credential online course.
  • Attend the EDI Claims Release 3.1 training (virtual). 
    Be sure to reach out to the IAIABC about future training events and opportunities!
  • Achieve a passing score of at least 85 on the EDI Claims Professional Badge test.

About the Online Course

  • For convenience, all educational modules related to EDI Claims have been organized into the EDI Claims Professional Credential course in educate@iaiabc.
  • Since some modules are available in other courses in educate@iaiabc, you may have started or completed some before. Look for green (complete) or yellow (started but incomplete) checkmarks beside these modules. In addition, the recording of the most recent EDI Claims Release 3.1 Updates Webinar is included here. If you watched this live, you do not have to re-watch it unless you'd like a refresher.
  • Take the test when you are ready; it can be found in this course at the end of the module list in the right-hand menu.

About the Test

This test asseses your knowledge of EDI with a focus on the Claims Release 3.1 Standard.  The content is built from the information and concepts covered in the course modules and additional IAIABC resources. These additional resources can also be found in the online course, under "file repository."

The test consists of a variety of question types.  A passing score of at least 85 must be achieved to pass the test. 

  • “Open-book”: Test takers can use any training materials, resources, or notes to answer the questions.
  • No time limit
  • Test fee includes three (3) attempts to achieve a passing score.

How to Access the Course and Test

  • (1) Click the "Add to Cart" button below to purchase this product. You will receive an email from the IAIABC with instructions on how to access the course and test. If you don't receive this email within 48 hours, try checking your spam folder and then contact for further assistance.
  • (2) View the EDI Claims Professional Credential course that should now be displayed on your educate@iaiabc dashboard.
  • (3) Complete any needed modules before taking the test.
  • (4) Take the test.
  • (5) An IAIABC staff member will contact you based on your test results.

IAIABC Claims Professional Badge Renewal

  • Complete the EDI Claims Release 3.1 Updates Webinar annually to maintain your digital credential, which expires on March 1st each year. If you attend the live session, the IAIABC will record your attendance and renew your badge. If you watch a recording of this webinar in educate@iaiabc, email Samantha Collier at to renew your badge.
  • If you received your digital credential prior to 2020, contact scollier@iaiabc to discuss renewal requirements.
Member Price: $49